A Look at Our Event with Audible

A Look at Our Event with Audible

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PowerToFly was thrilled to team up with Audible to present an exclusive event for women in tech on Wednesday July 20th. Held at Audible's gorgeous office in Newark, New Jersey a capacity crowd was treated to a series of presentations focusing on the current and upcoming technology behind Audible's popular products. Before and after the presentations, guests were able to network with their peers and the Audible team over delicious food and sparkling wine.

Some of the topics discussed in the evening included:

  • Chrome Dev Tools
  • Web App Security
  • HTTP/2
  • Resource Hints
  • Serverless Computing
Jamy Barton, Audible's Sr. Director, Tech Diversity kicked off the evening with a warm welcome, speaking about the company's commitment to diversity, before turning the mic over to PowerToFly's CoFounders Milena Berry and Katharine Zaleski who explained that PowerToFly only team ups with companies that truly care about diversity and inclusion and that Audible is such a company. Moving into the tech portion of the night, Sr. Director, Software Development (and male ally) Ian Moraes introduced the presentations. The Audible web team speakers included:
  • Neha Koul | Software Development Engineer
  • Oleksandra Usova | Software Development Engineer
  • Jane Li | Software Development Engineer
  • Garima Agarwal | Software Development Engineer
  • Nancy Huang | Software Development Engineer
The programming wrapped up with lighting introductions from Chandana Kanchanagari, Sr. Manager, Software Developer and Bidisha Das, Sr. Manager, Software Developer as well as an audience Q&A

Follow Audible on PowerToFly for updates about more events and open roles.

An Audible ad greets you as you exit from the train station

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