3 Things Recruiters + Hiring Managers Want You to Know

3 Things Recruiters + Hiring Managers Want You to Know

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Whether you're unemployed, contemplating leaving the "devil you know" for a better fit, or simply curious about what else might be out there, there's no doubt that it's a daunting time to be looking for a job.

To help make your search a little less overwhelming, we went straight to the source and asked recruiters and hiring managers at our partner companies to share their top application and interview tips. From what to include on your resume to deciding whether or not to apply, here are three tips to keep in mind throughout your job search!

(And be sure to check out the full videos for more tips AND some behind-the-scenes information on the application process at their companies.)

1. Focus  your resume on "whys" and output — not tasks

Caitlyn Campbell, Director of Product at Clyde, likes to see resumes that show not just what you did, but why and how you did it — and what it produced. Try swapping "Prepared and sent daily newsletters" for "grew newsletter engagement by 40% over three months by A/B testing new subject lines."

2. Look up your interviewer in advance—and prep specific questions for that person!

Invited to an interview? Great. Now it's time to do your homework, says Michelle Baker, technical recruiter at Surescripts. Make sure you go in armed with information not just about the company, but your interviewer as well!

3. If you're interested in a role/company, submit your resume even if your skills don't perfectly match those listed in the job description!

Netta Bob, a recruiter at DigitalOcean, is here to remind you that hiring managers don't always know exactly what (or who) they want... so if you're interested in a role, go ahead and apply, even if you're not sure if you're a perfect fit! You just may make the hiring manager realize that you're exactly who they're looking for.

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