Better Jobs With Companies That Care

March 1st 2018

Better Jobs With Companies That Care

It's Katharine Z, the Cofounder of PowerToFly. I thought I was terrible at Excel. I thought I was terrible at public speaking. I thought I wasn't great at a lot of things... and then I found the right women at PowerToFly to teach me what I'd blocked out over the years. We've assembled a crew of them for our VIP program to show you everything from how to build prototypes, speak publicly, pivot into a tech career later in life, master Excel and more. I'm also teaching a course that shares exactly how I've placed my stories in The New York Times, Fortune, Elle and beyond. Access all the course and a lot more by becoming a PowerToFly VIP here.

FEATURED JOB OF THE WEEK: BlackRock - UX Visual Design Lead - Aladdin Product Group

Do you have a deep appreciation for simple, sleek, usable interfaces coupled with exceptional graphic design skills? Also, do you like these benefits?

  • Flexible time off - to allow more time with friends and family
  • Flexible work arrangements - work whenever, from wherever!
  • Work/life support - from children to elder care, BlackRock wants to help
  • Comprehensive medical coverage - a must have
  • MATCHED 401(k) - Awesome
  • Financial wellness - to help you plan (and save) for the future!
Or, check out these five companies for even more opportunities:

American Express

Their 'Healthy Babies' program offers free breast milk shipping while on business trips and a wide-range of healthcare resources and incentives for working mothers.


Changing the way people think of advertising and employees think of their jobs, thanks to an inclusive work environment.


Increasing employee effectiveness with a Tuition Assistance Program and benefits you can't resist.


All employees receive an annual Universal theme park passes- free vacation!

Sapient Consulting

Sapient Consulting earns a perfect score on HRC's Corporate Equality Index for LGBTQ inclusive workplaces.

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