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12 Ways Leading Companies are Supporting Transgender Employees

12 Ways Leading Companies are Supporting Transgender Employees

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Transgender Awareness Week takes place every year from November 13-19 and culminates in the Transgender Day of Remembrance on November 20th.

The goal behind both events, per GLAAD, is to honor the memory of transgender people who lost their lives to anti-trans violence, to raise the visibility of transgender people, and to address issues members of that community face.

The National Center for Transgender Equality reports that transgender people often face a series of trials throughout their lives, from pervasive mistreatment and violence to severe economic hardship and instability to difficulties managing their physical and mental health.

But they also noted that as transgender people gain increased visibility, they also experience more acceptance, whether that's from family members, colleagues, classmates, or peers.

Here at PowerToFly, we are proud to partner with companies that seek to support their trans employees and the broader trans community. To celebrate Transgender Awareness Week, we're highlighting how these companies invest in their trans employees and create a work environment that is accepting to all.

Just like with our past posts sharing how our partners have supported working parents, employees with disabilities, or their Black employees, our goal here is twofold: to give job seekers a look at how these companies are living out their values, and to inspire other companies to do more for their trans employees this week and all year round.

MongoDB is offering support through top-tier benefits

"MongoDB is committed to creating a safe space for all employees and offers support, benefits, and communities to empower belonging and inclusion.

To support our transgender employees, we're part of 1% of Cigna's client companies that offer expanded WPATH Standards of Care services. These benefits include: health plan coverage for medically necessary treatments, such as hormone therapy and gender affirming surgery; services to help employees navigate health care plans; resources to educate family and friends on LGBTQ+ topics; and support to help employees during their transition journey.

Internally, MongoDB has LGBTQ+ affinity groups including Queeries, Queer Collective, and Underrepresented Genders in Tech. These communities encourage an open exchange of thoughts, organize impactful events, and provide education to allies. MongoDB's internal Decoding Inclusion events amplify intersectional voices, including within the LGBTQ+ community. These sessions are open to all employees and share foundational knowledge to further our understanding of differences."

Learn more about MongoDBhere.

Zynga is building allyship and community

"Zynga is united in our support for our LGBTQ+ community globally, specifically our Trans employees through several initiatives, including zPride. zPride is a global employee resource group that provides community, tools and insights that build and educate while fostering a culture of inclusivity and belonging for our LGBTQ+ employees and allies. zPride's efforts include events, panel discussions, education, and more that bring our LGBTQ+ employees together and build allyship.

Zynga also provides healthcare coverage for services and supplies for transgender reassignment surgery for employees as well as dependent children who identify as gender-nonconforming."

Learn more about Zynga here.

Equinix Metal is fostering belonging

"Equinix CEO Charles Meyers states it best when he commits to making Equinix a place 'where every employee can confidently say, "I'm safe", "I belong" and "I matter."' Equinix demonstrates that commitment in a variety of initiatives to support Trans employees and the broader Trans community, including offering expanded employee health benefit services to include coverage for Transgender benefits following the standards of care as recommended by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health.

We also support PrideConnect, Equinix's LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group, which has included a deliberate focus on programming to educate and support transgender health and well-being, culture of understanding and belonging, and advocating internally to meet the needs of the transgender community across a variety of metrics.

Our HR team has pathway programs with organizations to connect diverse candidates with career opportunities at Equinix.

Additionally, we acknowledge sensitivity to the importance of gender identity by way of introducing pronoun identification on our internal directory systems. Equinix is also working with the Human Rights Campaign to be included in the upcoming Corporate Equality Index."

Learn more about Equinix Metal here.

Lockheed Martin is enabling the transitioning process

"Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control (MFC) supports Trans employees by providing guidance to our human resource business partners (HRBP) for the transitioning process, including a written plan which provides specific steps and actions to ensure a smooth transition that addresses areas such as badge updates, potential security clearance changes, employee profile updates and developing individualized communication and transition plans for future coworker-management interactions.

Further, MFC global diversity and inclusion has provided training to management and HRBP which covers Trans awareness, gender identity and expression, policy statements, terminology, communication-building exercises, restroom use guidance, roles and responsibilities as well as support resources. Overall, MFC works to facilitate a culture of respect by supporting Trans employees and raising awareness in the workplace regarding the challenges Trans employees face. Lockheed Martin has a commitment to build a safe and inclusive work environment in where all employees are treated fairly in accordance with the highest standards of professionalism and ethical conduct, while maintaining a discrimination-free work environment."

Learn more about Lockheed Martin here.

Dell Technologies is partnering with the trans community

"As members of the global community, we are committed to working to increase understanding and to encourage LGBTQ inclusive policies in the localities where we work. In 2020, we celebrated our 16th consecutive year receiving a 100% on the HRC's 2019 Corporate Equality Index, which recognizes the Best Places to Work for LGBTQ equality.

Our well-established Pride employee resource group has created a Transgender Taskforce to represent transgender team members and team members with transgender family members by providing resources and a voice for the transgender and gender diverse community worldwide. We have also implemented a Transgender Toolkit that provides employees with guidance on everything from how and when to communicate about transition, to restroom accessibility. We are established sponsors of the National Out and Equal conference and have a partnership, including an internship program, with the GenderCool project."

Learn more about Dell Technologies here.

Deloitte is increasing visibility

"We are proud of our commitment to an inclusive work environment where all our professionals can connect, belong, and grow. This commitment includes our continued support for the LGBTQ+ community, both internally and in the communities in which we live and serve.

Specifically, our employees can be recognized by the gender, if any, they most identify with, and use the corresponding bathroom or the gender-neutral bathrooms we have included in new offices where we occupy a full floor. Deloitte also provides opportunities for people to connect through Inclusion Councils as well as our BRGs, including GLOBE for LGBTQ+ and ally professionals.

We frequently share stories from our people who identify as transgender internally,

particularly for International Transgender Day of Visibility and Pride month, and in November 2018, Deloitte signed the Business Statement on Transgender Equality to tackle discrimination against people who identify as transgender or gender non-binary, or who are intersex."

Learn more about Deloittehere.

Waters Corporation is diversifying their hiring pipelines

"At Waters Corporation, we know that providing a safe and inclusive environment enhances the workplace, allows employees to thrive in their careers, and contributes to the employee community. We encourage all employees to come to work as their authentic selves and our guidelines and facilities allow them to do that, including comprehensive Gender Transition Guidelines, LGBTQ+ friendly health benefits, gender-neutral restrooms in our two largest sites, and an active LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group, as well as a larger Diversity Circle that include ERG's for Gender Equality, Veterans and Multicultural Employees.

We have also enacted diverse recruitment hiring practices where there needs to be at least two diverse candidates in the interview process prior to making an offer to ensure we're always considering a diverse slate of interviewees."

Learn more about Waters Corporationhere.

Schneider Electric is empowering their employees to live their truths at work

"At Schneider Electric, diversity and inclusion is a fundamental part of our core values. We empower every employee to bring their whole, authentic selves to work. For us, having inclusive benefits and policies are the minimum baseline—they are workplace rights for everyone! Some of the benefits we offer to support our transgender community include fertility care, gender reassignment surgeries, and accessible counseling and psychological care through our Employee Assistance Program.

Our diversity ambitions are bold and breathe life into our company. Our LGBT+ and Allies Employee Resource Group (ERG) is focused on visibility, education, inclusion, and allyship. We recognize that to be a truly diverse and inclusive company, we must actively promote these values as part of our company culture. Psychological safety and emotional tax are not topics taken lightly here. That's why, with our ERG, we are creating safe spaces within our organization to find allies, speak openly, learn, and support each other.

Another one of our Core Values is 'Learn Every Day' and we offer several learning opportunities that support LGBT+ inclusion and allyship. Our trainings feature the stories and unique experiences of our own employees, like a recent module, 'Building Empathy on Transgender Inclusion.'

Because of these initiatives, our transgender employees are more empowered than ever to live their truths at work. Even now, when supporting each other in person is not an option, the LGBT+ and Allies ERG hosts virtual live events to bring people together, promote visibility, and cultivate inclusivity here at Schneider."

Thanks to Scheider's Christina McCormick, National President of theirLGBT+ and Allies ERG

Learn more about Schneider Electrichere.

Freddie Mac is investing in learning about the trans experience

"Freddie Mac is committed to creating an inclusive environment for our diverse employees. Specific to our support for our transgender employees and the transgender community, Freddie Mac enables the Pride Business Resource Group (BRG) that serves the LGBTQ+ and ally community. The Pride BRG has led trans-inclusive events including transgender awareness learnings, panel discussions highlighting transgender experiences, and keynote speaker events featuring advocates for transgender and gender non-conforming people.

We also have established guidelines and health care benefits through our medical insurance provider for employees and dependents undergoing gender reassignment or hormone replacement therapy.

Additionally, Freddie Mac commissioned a first-of-its-kind study to research the LGBT housing experience. The study found that members of the LGBT community are less likely to own a home, are more mobile, fear discrimination when buying a home, and prioritize living in LGBT-safe neighborhoods."

Learn more about Freddie Machere.

Raytheon Technologies is building understanding

"Raytheon Technologies has created Gender Transition Guidelines to help foster dialogue and understanding of transgender issues in the workplace. They include overall recommendations for employees, managers, and Human Resources on how to provide a welcoming and supportive environment for employees undergoing transition at RTX, as well as specific information on topics such as restroom access and privacy rights.

In addition, we have several LGBTQ+ Community resources available on our internal Stronger Together Resource Center. The company also supports our RAYPRIDE ERG through funding and developmental opportunities such as a recent webcast on using our courage to help create a more inclusive environment for everyone."

Learn more about Raytheon Technologies here.

Bristol Myers Squibb is working to combat LGBTQ+ health disparities

"At Bristol Myers Squibb, we recognize and celebrate the diverse experiences and views of our workforce, and encourage every employee to bring their full authentic self to work so they can fully engage in our mission of helping patients prevail over serious diseases.

Our PRIDE Alliance People and Business Resource Group is a vital part of that effort by helping to ensure a diverse and inclusive culture that empowers LGBTQ+ inclusion, awareness, and engagement.

BMS supports the TGNC community both internally and externally in many ways, including by implementing Trans Inclusive Guidelines to help colleagues and teams navigate the transition process; including gender-affirming healthcare in our benefits offerings; actively recruiting trans and other LGBTQ individuals into our workforce; purchasing from LGBTQ-owned businesses; actively supporting the trans social justice movement including sponsorship of local and national organizations; and working with allied health organizations to combat health disparities experienced by the LGBTQ+ community.

Learn more about Bristol Myers Squibb here.

T. Rowe Price is advocating for allyship and awareness

"T. Rowe Price is cognizant of the challenges transgender people face globally, including transphobia, regressive legislation, restricted access to medical support, and violence. To heighten awareness and to support trans people at the firm and in the broader community, we: share educational resources and stories, and support nonprofits that combat discrimination and provide resources to the transgender community.

Throughout Transgender Awareness Week, our LGBTQ+ business resource group (BRG), PRIDE @ T. Rowe Price, will publish a series of blogs, videos, stories, and calls to action to our internal social network site, which hosts over 4,000 users. The BRG highlights global community outreach initiatives associates can support, on behalf of trans employees, educates on current legislation affecting the trans community, and encourages associates to become an active ally and help end transphobia."

Learn more about T. Rowe Price here.

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