Behind the Code: Building a Category Leader


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Welcome to the Life@Camunda series, our flagship webinar designed for candidates, followers, and enthusiasts eager to explore life at Camunda.

This edition, ‘Behind the Code,’ focusses on our amazing Tech teams. We’ll showcase how we’re building a global category leader in Process Orchestration and how our product is transforming businesses worldwide.

Join us to:

  • Get an overview of our company, product, customers, and everything Camunda.
  • Hear firsthand from Max Trumpf, VP of Software Engineering, about our projects and products developed in our tech teams.
  • Explore life of a techie at Camunda through personal stories and experiences shared by our employees from tech teams.
  • Join a live Q&A session and ask your questions directly to our team.

Date: June 27, 2024

Time: 10 AM ET / 4 PM CET

Duration: 50 mins

Register Now in the following link :


Maximilian Trumpf, VP of Engineering, Camunda

In his role as VP of Engineering, Max oversees the development and operation of Camunda 7 and Camunda 8. With a background as a hands-on Engineering Manager and Consultant, Max brings solid technical expertise and a strong customer focus to the table. In his current position, Max leverages these skills to empower the Engineering teams in building Camunda, the universal process orchestrator. He combines technical excellence with a deep understanding of customer challenges to drive innovation and success at Camunda.

Sara Lolatte, Senior QA Engineer, Camunda

In her role as Senior QA Engineer, Sara is dedicated to enhancing the quality of Camunda’s products. She collaborates closely with development teams to implement robust end-to-end automated testing initiatives. Leveraging her expertise in quality assurance, Sara ensures that every product release meets the highest standards of reliability and performance, contributing to Camunda’s success and fostering continuous improvement as the company scales.

Mia Moore, Senior Technical Community Builder, Camunda

Mia is the Senior Technical Community Builder on the Developer Relations team at Camunda, dedicated to creating programs for Camunda’s vibrant community. With a background in content marketing and developer advocacy, Mia’s work lies at the intersection of community and technology. As a proud queer, non-binary individual, Mia also serves as the chair of Camunda’s LGBTQIA+ Employee Resource Group, Proud.

Maciej Barelkowski, Senior Software Engineer, Camunda

In his role, Maciej contributes to Camunda’s project, which provides free BPMN and DMN modeling tools. His focus on accessibility aids the project’s mission of making process and decision modeling available for everyone, everywhere. Leveraging his expertise on the open standards, he also participates in shaping DMN as a member of the DMN Revision Task Force.

Nadia Vatalidis, Interim Director, Talent Acquisition, Camunda

Nadia is Interim Director, Talent Acquisition at Camunda and have been working in Remote first companies for the last 9 years. She loves collaborating on designing candidate & employee experience pathways in remote by design companies and creating a self-enabled culture to ensure everyone is set up for success. She thrives in opensource SaaS environments and enjoys sharing her journey and knowledge transparently.

Don’t miss this chance to get behind the code and learn everything you need to know about working on the Camunda Tech team.

If you are interested in Camunda as your future employer, explore more about us and apply directly through our careers page here.

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