15 Companies Supporting Working Parents with These Childcare Benefits

15 Companies Supporting Working Parents with These Childcare Benefits

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Offering good childcare benefits is one of the top ways employers can combat the pay gap, but it's also simply good for business: studies have shown that offering childcare benefits can reduce absenteeism by as much as 30%, and turnover by up to 60%.

Although not all companies can live up to the childcare perks (like multiple onsite daycare facilities) offered by tech juggernauts like Google and Apple, there are other childcare-related benefits that make a big difference for all working parents. And especially moms, who tend to bear the brunt of childcare responsibilities.

From generous paid parental leave (we'll be doing a dedicated post on that soon), gradual returns to work, paid time off to take care of sick children, and childcare benefits like backup daycare and flexible spending accounts, there's a lot that employers can do to help ease the burden of childcare expectations placed on women.

Check out the benefits these 15 companies offer to support working parents' childcare needs -- and to help ensure that women don't have to choose between their careers and their children!

Dow Jones

Onsite Daycare

Bonus Points: Dow Jones also offers a return-to-work program for anyone who has been out of the workforce for two years because of childcare, family care, or other life events.

View Dow Jones' open roles & additional benefits.



Call for backup care when you need it

Dependent Care FSA, Backup Care, & More

Bonus Points:Intuit offers a return-to-work program and flexible work arrangements. And college admissions coaches for your children!

View Intuit's open roles & additional benefits.



Special Discounts on Childcare & Subsidized Backup Care

View Microsoft's open roles & additional benefits.


Expedia Group

Work from home when you need to

Dependent Care & Childcare

Bonus Points:Work from home + reduced/flexible hours.

View Expedia Group's open roles & additional benefits.



Backup Dependent Care & Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account

View Fidelity's open roles & additional benefits.


FTI Consulting

Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account

View FTI Consulting's open roles & additional benefits.



Family Care Resources

View Mastercard's open roles & additional benefits.


New York Life

Backup Childcare & Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account

View New York Life's open roles & additional benefits.



Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account

View Bloomberg's open roles & additional benefits.



Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account, Backup Childcare Centers, & Helping Parents Find the Right Nanny

Bonus Points:Family and individual sick days.

View PwC's open roles & additional benefits.



Adjust your schedule so you have time for morning drop-off

Dependent Care Reimbursement Account

Bonus Points:Flexible schedules.

View Raytheon's open roles & additional benefits.


T Rowe Price

Dependent Care Spending Accounts & Childcare Backup Support

View T Rowe Price's open roles & additional benefits.



Dependent Care Flexible Spending Reimbursement Account

View Thales' open roles & additional benefits.


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