Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Tips To Find Out A Company's Real Values

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Tips To Find Out A Company's Real Values

💎 What is diversity, equity, and inclusion? Learning to identify these can help you decide for yourself if this company is the right fit for you, personally, and professionally. Watch the video to the end to learn how to really know if a company values diversity, equality, and inclusion.

📼 How can I find an organization that truly values diversity, equity, and inclusion? Here are some tips that can empower you to have this type of conversations and help you find out a company’s real values. You'll hear from Gráinne Sherlock, sales director, Anesha McCormick, senior product manager, and Den Hudson, former principal consultant at Pluralsight, who share some key insights that they've learned throughout their careers.

📼 How to identify if a company values diversity, equity, and inclusion? Tip #1: Know who they are. Find out what specific goals or objectives a company has in place to drive diversity, equity, and inclusion. Your goal here is to better understand where a company is at right now and what the workplace might look like a few years down the road. There are other questions that you can also ask to glean more, such as, what initiatives have they implemented to meet their goals? What is their long-term vision? How do you and other team members contribute and get involved in the work? What are their success metrics? All in all, this will not only help you understand if a company is truly valuing diversity, equity, and inclusion but it'll let you know who they are.

📼 Talking diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. Tip #2: Speak your truth. Den has always believed that speaking your truth is a really powerful tool within any organization. Look for employee resource groups or employee councils from within. Look to see where sponsorships are available: this means, senior sponsors within the organization who can advocate for you and your groups. As Den puts it, diversity from within brings true color to the organization.

Sharing Stories About Diversity, Equity & Inclusion - Tip #3: Be Vulnerable

Being vulnerable can mean different things to different people. In Gráinne's opinion, being vulnerable is sharing a story or sharing a situation that's close to your heart. Maybe you felt like the only person who was X or Y within a company, and that made you feel can truly open a conversation with the person you're speaking with. If a company you're speaking with is very early in its journey, you may be there to help spearhead those opportunities. So your story can not only just inspire, but it can also feel and drive ERGs within companies.

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Get to Know Gráinne, Anesha, and Den

Gráinne Sherlock is Global SMB Sales Director. She’s a hardworking, reliable, target-driven, and customer-oriented professional, with an outstanding ability to adapt and be versatile in an ever-changing business world. Anesha McCormick is a results-oriented product leader with 20+ years in people and thought leadership roles. She has experience building and leading cross-functional teams specialized in front-end development and integrations to deliver digital solutions. Den Hudson is an enthusiastic inspirational leader, coach, mentor, trusted advisor, solutions technologist, L&D, workforce transformation, and life-long learner. Their background is in coaching, operations, learning experiences, learning science, customer success, digital transformation, customer experience, leadership, learning & development, technology, online experiences, and communications. If you are interested in a career at Pluralsight, you can connect with Gráinne Sherlock and Anesha McCormick on LinkedIn. Don’t forget to mention this video!

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