Exploring Advanced TypeScript

Take your TypeScript skills to the next level.

Exploring Advanced TypeScript

Watch this inspiring video originally published by Headway on their youtube channel.

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Ready to gain more confidence with your TypeScript skills?

If you're familiar with basic TypeScript functions and features, what can you do to take your Typescript skills to the next level?

In this presentation, Kelsey Leftwich, Senior Developer at Headway, will help you explore some advanced TypeScript concepts such as utility functions and guards. If you're an adventurous JavaScript developer, you might find some value in this discussion too. Otherwise, it is the best fit for folks with some familiarity with TypeScript.

Access the code and follow along here.


00:00 - Intro
01:02 - TypeScript Guards
02:40 - TypeScript "in" Operator
03:57 - Type Predicates Scenario
04:58 - Type Predicates
09:40 - Assert Functions
12:33 - TypeScript Lookup Types
14:05 - TypeScript Generics
17:14 - Extract Utility Function
23:34 - Conditional Types
39:13 - Next Steps
41:03 - Material UI Brand Button Component Example
48:25 - Upcoming Events and Resources

Resources to help you prepare

TypeScript Handbook

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