Using Impostor Syndrome As Your Superpower - Top Tips!

Using Impostor Syndrome As Your Superpower - Top Tips!

💎Did you know that you can actually make use of the impostor syndrome as your superpower? Mind-blowing, huh? Watch this video to the end to learn some key tips!

📼 The impostor syndrome might actually be a good thing - such as your superpower. Listen to these takes by Jen Elkow, director of product management at Skedulo, who is kind enough to show her own vulnerabilities with some tips that she wishes she’d known earlier in her career.

📼 Using The Impostor Syndrome As Your Superpower - Tip #1: So first of all, imposter syndrome is a good thing, and you shouldn’t let it stop you. In fact, consider that if you're doing something new, stretching yourself, and learning and growing, you’re in a position where you’re doing things for the very first time. As Jen says: that feeling of impostor syndrome, lean into that- the feeling itself means that you are actually on the right path! Maybe you're new to tech, and you're feeling this impostor syndrome because you’re comparing yourself to other people who might have more time in the industry than you. But that's okay! Really, what's important is that you persevere and continue.

📼 Using The Impostor Syndrome As Your Superpower - Tip #2: The core of Jane’s insight is to actually reframe impostor syndrome into a superpower. Remember this: nobody has your experience. Nobody has your unique point of view, your history, your industry knowledge, and the whole rich collection of experiences that you can bring to the table. Nobody has that except for you! So when you think about this, what is your unique perspective that you're able to bring? What is your unique worldview, your history, your passions that you're bringing to the table?

Using The Impostor Syndrome As Your Superpower - Tip #3

Jen’s last tip is if you have a question you’re dreading to ask, don’t hesitate to ask it anyway. Take five seconds of courage to bring it up. This is where Jen feels impostor syndrome the most, when having a question, and in particular when being in front of a large group of people. But actually what she’s come to appreciate is that other people likely have the same question. And by asking it, everyone is able to have a better understanding of the situation around them. So ask anyways!

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Get to Know Jen

Jen is drawn to product management where the job is never done, rather (hopefully) a little bit better with each release. Success has come by constantly asking "What is it for?" and "Who is it for?" to understand what problems to solve and why it's worth solving them now. She has loved breaking down complex problems users are facing to find simple solutions and now enjoys enabling a team of Product Managers within their squads to do the same. She has been fortunate to manage product development through all product life cycles from exploration and ideation through to sunset and replacing products. She loves working through the ongoing adjustment for product development and strategy to take a product from early adopters, past the chasm, and beyond while scaling. Working within small-scale startups to large multi-national companies, always within a growth opportunity, has provided many lessons across multiple industries. If you are interested in a career at Skedulo, you can connect with Jen Elkow on LinkedIn. Don’t forget to mention this video!

More About Skedulo

Skedulo is on a mission to support the 2.7 billion people in the world–and the companies that employ them–who do not work at a desk every day. Their global teams are collaborative, ambitious, innovative, and passionate about helping their customers to realize their fullest potential by enabling their mobile workforces. Skedulo’s leading Deskless Productivity Cloud solution powered by AI and machine learning empowers organizations to manage, engage and analyze their deskless workforce, supporting the 80% of global workers who don’t work in a traditional office setting. Skedulo’s platform helps enterprises intelligently manage, schedule, dispatch, and support deskless workers on the go, whether they are in fixed location facilities or mobile field workers on the frontline.

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