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Tips to Kickstart Your Career In Marketing

Tips to Kickstart Your Career In Marketing

💎Wondering how to kickstart your career in marketing? Don’t miss these top tips! Watch the video till the end to get insightful tips that’ll help you launch your career.

📼Get three top tips to kickstart your career within the marketing field. Play this video to get simple and actionable strategies you can apply to take your career to the next level. You'll hear from Danielle Foster, senior talent advisor at Nestlé USA, who supports company marketing efforts and knows all about marketing career growth.

📼 To kickstart a career in marketing, Tip number one is to know your story. Marketers are natural storytellers. At Nestlé USA, they want to know yours. As Danielle says, “Tell us how you’ve built your career. Tell us how you've gotten to your roles. Talk a little bit about your passions and your interests. We love a great story; let us know what that is.”

📼 Kickstart your career in marketing: Tip number two is to network. There is a saying you may have heard, “It's all who you know.” Danielle’s suggestion is to take the opportunity to reach out to as many people as you can—authentically. Build those relationships, coffee meetings, and LinkedIn connections! Networking is a great way to learn and extend your reach. So, her suggestion for you is to absolutely put yourself out there!.

Kickstart your career in marketing - Tip #3: Know Your Industry

What are the hottest trends? What's happening in the marketing space? It's important to stay educated inside your industry. Follow the latest and greatest, whether it's a brand, digital-related, or e-commerce, which is, in Danielle's words, super hot right now. Adweek is a wonderful resource to explore! So make sure that you are entirely in the know and educate yourself to be at the top of the list when it comes to what's happening in marketing.

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Get to Know Danielle

Danielle Foster has eight+ years of experience in project management, client relations, talent management with prominent organizations within CPG, hospitality, consulting, intelligence and tech. At Nestlé USA, she is in charge of attracting marketing talent around the globe that innovates brand consumer products. Danielle has a knack for helping people make life-changing decisions with honest and authentic advice. She is a creative type at heart and loves people, so she has always been keen to partner with marketing professionals. Her love for strategic partnership and innovative talent outreach through marketing campaigns and collaboration is evident in her work. Outside of being consumer-obsessed, she loves innovation, branding, traveling the world, a great cup of coffee (Nespresso!), and building and nurturing relationships. If you are interested in a career at Nestlé USA, you can connect with Danielle on LinkedIn!

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