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[VIDEO 🎥 ] Prepare for Your Interview at Clarus Commerce

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[VIDEO 🎥 ] Prepare for Your Interview at Clarus Commerce

Laura Esposito, talent acquisition manager at Clarus Commerce, shares her take on the most important tips to keep in mind when preparing for an interview.

She talks about how Clarus Commerce values a candidate who comes prepared and enthusiastic, is ready to roll up their sleeves, and wants to get the job done. They look for somebody with experience working in a fast-paced environment who can bring a diverse perspective to the team.

Laura also shares key information about the interview process at Clarus Commerce. While it varies depending on the role, the process generally begins with two phone interviews—first with Laura and then with the hiring manager. Next, candidates will meet various employees from their potential future team. The goal is to share an inside look at the role, the team culture, and how all the departments work together.

Laura suggests that candidates prepare for an interview by taking advantage of the great content published about the company. You should also be familiar with the skills and responsibilities detailed in the job description and be prepared to describe how you've fulfilled those duties in the past. If you're missing some key requirements, be prepared to talk about how you learned new skills in the past and how successful you were at retaining those skills.

Another piece of advice Laura shares is to take good care of how you prepare your resume since it's often your first point of contact with the company. Be sure to include any skills related to the job opening, and don't forget to list your tech stack first!

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