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Relaunch your career at Raytheon Technologies

Relaunch your career at Raytheon Technologies
Bring your knowledge, experience, and creativity back to the workforce through exciting and challenging opportunities.
  • Unique opportunity for experienced professionals seeking to return to work after taking a 1+ year career break• Comprehensive 14-week paid program w/benefits
  • Offers resources, networking, and personalized development plans
  • Provides leadership exposure, professional development, mentorship, and coaching
  • Eligible for consideration for a full-time role at the end of the program

Our next cohort will run from September 13 – December 17, 2021.

Resumés must be submitted by July 31, 2021, for the Fall 2021 Cohort.

For more information on the RTX Re-Empower Program and view available opportunities, visit: https://www.rtx.com/Careers/return-to-work

If you don't see a specific position of interest, please submit your resume for consideration via the following link:

Relaunch your Career at Raytheon Technologies: https://raytheon.avature.net/ReLaunch2021

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