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Remote Work Round-Up

Dec. 14 2017

Remote Work Round-Up

While the debate for (or against) the importance of "water-cooler talk" continues to plague offices worldwide- one company has actually re-written their handbook to ensure their employees have time for socialization scheduled into their G-Cals.


When people stopped showing up to their shared office space in San Francisco, GitLab decided to become a completely remote company- "virtually home" to 200 employees spanning 39 different countries. After learning how detrimental face-to-face interaction is to avoid burnout and isolation, they decided to implement something most companies would gawk at- the "virtual coffee break".

"We encourage team members to dedicate a few hours every week to these calls, which is roughly comparable to the time someone working in an office might spend chatting while walking to meetings, grabbing coffee in the break room, or having lunch together in person."

When you think about it, they couldn't be more right. So many ideas are sparked when you least expect it (like on the walk to your car at night or when you're grabbing a quick snack) and companies like GitLab aren't willing to sacrifice that innovation for a few more "work" hours.

Luckily for you, not only is GitLab hiring, but here are ten more awesome remote jobs we think you'll be excited about applying to! Head over to our Jobs page for even more openings.

Doist - Front-end Developer (Remote)

Harvest - HR Lead (Remote)

Help Scout - Java Engineer (Solr) (Remote)

Itavio - Systems Developer (Remote) - Technical Support Superstar (Remote)

Pressable - Outbound Sales Executive (Remote)

Tripcents - Lead iOS Developer (Remote)

Welthy Inc. - Part Time Virtual Care Coordinator (Remote)

Wikimedia Foundation - Senior UX Designer (Remote)

Zapier - Data Analyst (Remote)

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