Faces of Skedulo: Leila Watson

People are the heart of Skedulo, and success—for us, our team and our customers—is a collaborative effort. We are proud of our team's achievements and celebrate them every month with our Skedgend Awards. A Skedgend is a teammate who has been nominated by their peers for consistently demonstrating excellence in our values:

Faces of Skedulo: Leila Watson

Below is an article originally written by Craig Panigris, and published on September 13, 2021. Go to Skedulo's company page on PowerToFly to see their open positions and learn more.


In this series, we share the personal stories of our valued Skedgends who work on the frontline and behind the scenes to help make Skedulo a success.

Leila Watson, Product Designer, based in Brisbane | Skedgend Award Winner, July 2021


How long have you been with Skedulo?

I've been at Skedulo for just over 3 years.

Why did you choose to work with Skedulo?

I was just very excited about the problem space that Skedulo is in. I think scheduling is super interesting. The product we're making is very impactful to our customers, so that's part of the reason why I decided to work here…for those interesting challenges.

What's your favorite thing about your role with Skedulo?

Being able to design for complex problems. Scheduling on the surface seems quite simple, but when you dig deeper it's very complex. I love solving those kinds of challenges; being able to talk to our customers, understanding their pain points and what motivates them, and then – at the end – being able to serve our customers and help make a big impact in their day-to-day life. It's super rewarding and fun.

What does winning the Skedgend Award mean to you?

Really humbling. It's nice to be valued. I think day-to-day you don't really think about the impact you have on your team members, and being nominated for Skedgend just really makes me appreciate the people around me as well.

What stories supported your win for the Skedgend Award?

I think just being there for everyone, helping them out, as well as being able to work on a whole range of design tasks – anywhere from helping from the vision to the day-to-day design details and supporting everyone throughout the team.


What Skedgend values do you feel you embody most?

Caring first and Fearless together are definitely two that resonate with me the most. We care about each other and who we work with, but we also care about our customers and who they serve as well. Caring first and being Customer driven also really resonate with me as a designer.

What motivates you to work hard?

Just knowing what we can deliver to our customers, understanding what their pain points are, understanding their problems, empathising with them, and being able to deliver a solution to help them improve their day-to-day work.

What is your proudest accomplishment at Skedulo?

I've been lucky enough to work on many areas of the product during my time here at Skedulo which has been exciting. Working on the native mobile app has been a highlight for me. Also seeing the whole team evolve and the product evolve to where it is now and where it will go in the future is really exciting.

What's your biggest working from home challenge?

My toddler losing it in the background of a Zoom call. He knows how to open a door now, so he bangs on the door and barges in, touches the computer, touches the mouse, and ruins everything I'm working on so that's fun!

What's been the biggest surprise about working at Skedulo?

I think the biggest surprise for me has just been the people.

Everyone is so caring and supportive, everyone's voice is valued, and we're encouraged to speak up.

What are you most excited about for the rest of the year?

Seeing the mobile app continue to get built. Seeing all the work come to fruition is really exciting.

How does being at Skedulo allow you to be your best self?

I think again it's just the people around you who are really supportive. Everyone gives you a voice – I always feel like my input is valued and I can make a big impact with what I'm doing.

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