Helping a special non-profit fix their scheduling issues

Helping a special non-profit fix their scheduling issues

Below is an article originally written by Michael McShane, and published on July 8, 2021. Go to Skedulo's company page on PowerToFly to see their open positions and learn more.

Before I joined Skedulo, I had spent more than 7 years working for large consulting firms. While the work was fast paced and interesting, deep down I felt it didn't align well with my values.

I wanted to work for a company that does social good; one that has a great social conscience and supports customers who are also doing important work.

This led to me having a chat with Skedulo's CEO, Matt Fairhurst, who told me about how Skedulo was actively trying to enable good in this world and help its customers serve their customers better.

Almost 2 years on, and my experience with Skedulo has definitely proven this to be the case. I currently represent part of the Customer Experience function which handles a lot of solution architecture through to delivering for customer success.

While every project we work on is unique and special, a couple of recent projects have really touched my heart.

Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC)

LISC is a non-profit that connects people in need with affordable housing in Los Angeles.

The organization was struggling with the number of applications they receive, and finding a practical way to book people for appointments who may not have access to the internet.

We took on this project at cost (meaning no profit to us), because we could see how it would make a true difference to people living in poverty in LA.

LISC needed a solution fast, so we set a deadline for just 3 weeks. If you were to ask this of almost any other tech company, they would tell you it's impossible.

However, we leveraged our existing platform capabilities to develop a viable solution that met LISC's specific needs. This included:

  • multilingual functionality
  • questionnaire to pre-screen eligibility
  • self service appointment booking
  • automated appointment confirmations
  • full integration with Salesforce

LISC's customers can now either book an appointment online at a time that suits them (when a LISC representative is available), or call the LISC hotline and a staff member can use Skedulo to book the appointment for them.

Most importantly, the platform is configured to verify eligibility before a customer can make an appointment. This was a key factor to save customer and LISC staff time, while ensuring consistency across the board.

Another key factor was the multilingual functionality as LA has a high Hispanic population and many immigrant families. As this is already built into Skedulo's high capacity scheduling platform, we were able to deploy LISC's solution with 8 language options without any time constraints.

I enjoyed working closely with the LISC team and then empowering their administrators to take charge and run with it internally.

It's been amazing to see the outcome in real life and how the platform will be used to support people in need.

Vaccination scheduling

In April 2020, COVID ran rampant through my hometown in New York. So when the opportunity came up to help design a solution that would support high capacity scheduling for COVID testing, I was very excited to be involved.

I remember being up until all hours helping to get everything set up, and since then our opportunity to support local communities in the fight against COVID has expanded from testing to vaccination scheduling.

Given my desire to work for a company that does social good, I literally felt like I landed on the moon when I was able to help in this way. When you think about the thousands of frontline workers who are out there putting their lives at risk to support others, it brings me joy to know we are helping to make their jobs a little easier.

It's this commitment to empowering the under-served deskless workforce that is at the heart of Skedulo. Quite literally, it's the Skedulo Heart initiative that makes these projects happen. It's in Skedulo's DNA to do social good, and we're all very proud to be involved.

As we step into the future, I'm most looking forward to being part of how we continue to evolve our solution to help more industries in different ways. And not just for big brands, but for non-profit organizations who need all the support they can get.

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