[VIDEO 🎥 ] Find Out About the Application Process at JW Player

[VIDEO 🎥 ] Find Out About the Application Process at JW Player

📼 In this video, you'll hear super valuable tips from Thompson Khoo, Senior Recruitment Manager, Ashley Stewart, Senior Technical Recruiter, and Andrew Brancato, Human Resources Associate at JW Player—the leading platform for monetization of advertising in the video space.

📼 There's no magic trick for interviewing, but Andrew shares a keyword that'll help you: attitude! If you have great energy, are engaged and enthusiastic, show up as your authentic self, and are honest about your abilities and skills, you'll make a great impression on the recruitment team.

📼 Get ready: The last step of the interview process involves meeting with members of the team. Prepare for a half-day of getting to know your potential future teammates and familiarizing yourself with the role! Spoiler—JW Player is big on teamwork and offers an environment of support, transparency, and autonomy. Working on JW Player means wearing a lot of hats, which will give you the opportunity to participate in different projects, surrounded by a work culture that supports growth and development.

📼 One last key piece of advice before you go? Sending a timely "thank you" email after the interview will go a long way in helping you stand out.

🧑💼 Are you interested in joining JW Player? They have open roles! To learn more about them, click here.

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