[VIDEO 🎥 ] Insider Tips for Your Interview Process at MURAL

Watch time: 3:48

[VIDEO 🎥 ] Insider Tips for Your Interview Process at MURAL

In this video, you'll hear super valuable insider tips from Manisha Bavabhai, Meli Comparini, and Catie Ross, recruiters at MURAL—a digital workspace for visual collaboration that enables innovative teams to solve important problems.

Listen in for insight into the hiring process and actionable tips that will help you ace your interviews. Manisha, Meli, and Catie share what each interview step entails and the best ways to prepare, whether it's a product engineer interview, product designer interview, or sales interview.

Have you heard of the STAR Method? It's a great way to answer behavioral questions during your interview. And since MURAL's interview process is remote, don't miss these dos and don'ts for remote interviews!

Are you interested in joining MURAL? They have open roles! To learn more about them, click here.

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