Top Tips to stand out at work: How to build a personal brand

Top Tips to stand out at work: How to build a personal brand

Discover how to build a personal brand and elevate your career! 🚀

Meet Chandra Green, leader of DEIB engagement at Freddie Mac. In this video, she shares essential strategies for marketing yourself and unlocking new opportunities in the workplace. 🎤 Don't miss out! Watch until the end to gain invaluable tips and tricks on how to build a personal brand. 🔍💼📼

How to build a personal brand Tip #1: Identify your core values. Building a reputation that’s true to you is crucial for professional development. 📈 In today's competitive landscape, you’ll be able to stand out by knowing how to build a personal brand that aligns with your values. 🏆

💡How to build a personal brand Tip #2: Demonstrate strong performance. Personal branding isn't just about self-promotion; it's about authenticity and consistency in your actions. 💬 Make your performance your competitive advantage. Commit to learning, delivering results, self-advocating, and supporting others. Seek feedback from trusted colleagues to enhance self-awareness and refine your brand. 🔄

🌐 How to build a personal brand - Tip #3: Network, network, network! Networking is key; cultivate meaningful connections that amplify your wins and support your growth. 🤝 Remember, your personal brand is your calling card in the workplace. 💼

📨 As you continue to build and grow a personal brand, consider Freddie Mac as your employer of choice and work for a company that invests in your development and growth. They have open positions! To learn more, click here.

Get to Know Chandra Green

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