Diversity Reboot Summit 2021 Virtual Booths

Travel Unity

Travel Unity is a 501(c)(3) focused on increasing diversity in the world of travel through individual and community empowerment

Travel Unity

Travel Unity connects community groups and individuals with travel, cultural, and educational experiences to promote personal and professional growth.

We work with organizations in the world of travel to broaden their diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts, including aligning with best practices for DEI.

Our Approach

We work with the travel industry to make places more welcoming to people of all backgrounds and abilities. From those at the beginning of their DEI journey to those ready to commit to deeper impact, we will help you continue forward on your path.

It would be wonderful if transformation could happen in a snap, but real change requires input, discussion, and planning. Coming from outside your organization, we can provide perspective and an impartial voice, working together on the complicating factors that arise.

Travel Unity is a one-stop source for all matters around DEI. Whatever answers that we don't have in our immediate network, we are only a step or two away from finding for you.

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