[VIDEO ▶️ ] Looking to Start Your Career at ServiceNow? Use These Tips!

[VIDEO ▶️ ] Looking to Start Your Career at ServiceNow? Use These Tips!

📼 Interested in a career with ServiceNow? Watch the video to get valuable interview tips from Ava K., Senior Sales Recruiter at ServiceNow— the company that delivers cloud‑based platform and solutions to create great experiences and unlock productivity for employees and enterprises.

📼 Ava is not alone in this video: press play, and you'll meet her dog Waffles, too! Together they will break down the steps in the hiring process. Ava also shares three essential and actionable items to do before a virtual interview, so don't miss out on them! *And an extra tip: follow-up notes are major—be sure to send one after your interview.

📼 ServiceNow is looking for engineers, product managers, and solution consultants, but if your profession is not one of those, listen up: just because you're not a techie does not mean ServiceNow is not looking for you! They're also recruiting for roles in finance, marketing, talent acquisition, and more!

🧑💼 Are you interested in joining ServiceNow? They have open positions! To learn more, click here.

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