Inside the customer success team at Jama Software

Inside the customer success team at Jama Software

🚀 Dive into the dynamic world of customer success at Jama Software! Learn what it's like to work at one of the most innovative companies in the world and explore exciting career opportunities on their customer success team. Plus, discover how you can thrive and make a significant impact. 🌟

In this video, you’ll meet Sedale Saunders (Manager of Customer Success and Aerospace & Defense Lead at Jama Software). 🎤 Sedale takes you on a journey through a day in the life of a customer success manager, sharing insights into his collaborative efforts with various departments like sales, consulting, support, product, and marketing. Beyond this behind-the-scenes look at customer success, you’ll also uncover the unique challenges and rewarding experiences the aerospace and defense sector brings. 🛫

Watch the video until the end to gain valuable insights into the performance evaluation criteria, the diverse and collaborative nature of the customer success team, and the essential qualities that make a successful customer success manager at Jama Software. 🌐

What it’s like to work at Jama Software - Join their customer success team

Embark on a career journey that combines innovation, collaboration, and a commitment to customer success at Jama Software. Apply now and join the team in shaping the future of aerospace and defense solutions. 🌍✈️

To learn more about working at Jama Software and their career opportunities, click here.

Get to know Sedale Saunders

If you are interested in a career at Jama Software, you can connect with Sedale on LinkedIn: Don’t forget to mention this video!

More about Jama Software

Jama Software® is focused on maximizing innovation success in multidisciplinary engineering organizations. Numerous firsts for humanity in fields such as fuel cells, electrification, space, software-defined vehicles, surgical robotics, and more all rely on Jama Connect® requirements management software to minimize the risk of defects, rework, cost overruns, and recalls. Using Jama Connect, engineering organizations can now intelligently manage the development process by leveraging Live Traceability™ across best-of-breed tools to measurably improve outcomes. Their rapidly growing customer base spans the automotive, medical device, life sciences, semiconductor, aerospace & defense, industrial manufacturing, consumer electronics, financial services, and insurance industries.

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