Data Pipelines & Verticals Masterclass [On Demand Webinar]

Data Pipelines & Verticals Masterclass [On Demand Webinar]

Data pipelines are an innovative tool that acts as an embedded data processing engine, running inside your applications to filter, transform and migrate data on-the-fly. In PowerToFly's new masterclass, we will present an introductory but in depth look at this powerful tool.

(Register now and watch the training session anytime - Availability Runs through December 31, 2018! You will receive a separate email in your inbox with a link to the seminar after you have completed your purchase. If you would like to access all of our on-demand webinars for free, sign-up for a PowerToFly VIP membership.)

Data Czar Priya Joseph discusses data pipelines, the latest tools for making the most out of your data, innovations on the horizon and how to launch a career in data. Priya will also share detailed examples from her own career.

The seminar covers:

  • Simplifying your pipeline
  • Mastering big data
  • Establishing consistency in data
  • How data pipelines can positively effect your timelines
  • How to convert incoming data to a common format
  • Preparing data for analysis and visualization


1. This webinar is on-demand. What happens after I purchase?

After completing the Eventbrite registration process, you'll receive an email with a link to the on-demand presentation. This link is unique to you, and shouldn't be shared with others.

2. What is your refund policy?
Because this webinar is on-demand, no refunds will be given.

3. Is there a charge for each lesson, even if it's in a series?
Yes, there is an additional charge for each lesson whether it is stand alone or in a series.

4. I haven't received my confirmation email with the link to the presentation, what should I do?
Sometimes our confirmation emails can be blocked by email providers or get buried in a junk folder. If you haven't received your confirmation email within 24 hours, email us at hi@powertofly.com so we can resend your link.

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