Highlight Your Valuable Experience and Get the Position!

Highlight Your Valuable Experience and Get the Position!

💎 Your valuable past experience can take you to your next job. Watch the video to the end to gain advice on how to navigate a recruiting process successfully.

📼 How should you highlight valuable experience in your next interview? How should you show cultural fit? What can you expect from a recruiting process? Sara Lottermoser, a senior recruiter at Chubbies, reviews the company’s application process so you can best prepare!

📼 The valuable experience you want to highlight in a job interview is the one that correlates with the job description. So, if it's a sales role, highlight any sales experience or positions you've had. Any relevant experience to the job is valuable. Include that on your resume or mention it during the recruiting process.

📼 Showing valuable experience throughout the recruiting process stages should be foremost on your mind. What are these stages? First, you have a phone screen with the recruiter, then three to four other interviews. And sometimes, you will have additional assignments depending on what kind of role you are applying for (for example, a graphic design position or an apparel design position). Typically, these are blind assessments to gauge your skills before you chat with the rest of the team.

Valuable Past Experience and What Else? - Tips for Your Application Process

Two important tips: research the company before your interviews, and keep up to date with the industry in general — whether that be the recruiting industry if you're applying for a recruiting position, the fashion industry, etc. It’s also great to track marketing trends. As long as you keep current with the applicable industry, that will put you slightly ahead of other potential candidates going through the process!

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