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How To Manage Your Early-Stage Career - Tips From Gainsight

How To Manage Your Early-Stage Career - Tips From Gainsight

💎 Are you wondering how to manage your early-stage career? Tune in to catch three top tips from Gainsight that will help you plan strategically!

📼 In this video, you'll hear from Kelly DeHart, SVP, Sales & Account Management at Gainsight, and get her view on how to manage your early-stage career.

📼 Tip #1: Go Where There Is Growth. The first tip on how to manage your early-stage career

means understanding the career path and trajectory of your new role when you first join a company. You'll find that some companies do an excellent job of showcasing career paths and requirements for getting from one step to the next. Don't lose sight of the fact that while you might start off making less money, your earning potential will increase as you take those next steps in your career. Maybe there's one standout company that gives you more opportunities to do that. So when you're selecting a role to apply for, definitely evaluate the path and consider going where there is growth.

📼 Tip #2: Improve The Status Quo. The next tip on how to manage your early stage-career is to take the initiative to identify improvements and make recommendations to improve the status quo. When you enter a company and begin onboarding, you learn the team processes and workflows. As a result, you have a unique, fresh-eyed perspective! After 30 or 60 days in your role, it would be fantastic if you could make recommendations on gaps you've discovered that could be fixed or optimized. In Kelly's words, when she has new employees that offer meaningful insights, that really helps them jump out in her eyes and shows the potential of what they will contribute.

One Last Key Tip On How To Manage Your Early-Stage Career

The third tip is to maintain a broad view of your career options versus just setting your sights on one linear path. Some people know that they want to be in sales or customer success for their entire career. Still, many people look for an entry point to try and learn the ways of a business, in case they decide to course-correct and move into different parts of the organization later. So to achieve that, when you first start at a company, try to build bridges and cross-functional alignment with team members that cross your path. For example, if you're in sales, you could align with team members in marketing or customer success and learn what they do. Then, if you consider a switch to another department in the future, you'll have a breadth of experience across the organization that will eventually make you more valuable on a leadership level.

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