RTB House

Onboarding as a dad? No problem

Kole Harvey, Senior Programmatic Media Buyer, US Inventory Partnerships Team

Onboarding as a dad? No problem

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Raising a new baby is hard enough without starting a new job on top of it — but luckily for Kole Harvey, RTB House’s flexible work model made it easy to balance both. The company’s straightforward onboarding process is a combination of internal support and self-managed training, which allowed him to balance his own roles as an employee and father. And both he and RTB House understand where his priorities should be — when his wife and child got sick a few weeks into his tenure, they proved it. “My manager basically pushed me offline so I could help around the house,” said Kole.

"My daughter just started saying her first words, and being home to see that for any parent is priceless and irreplaceable".

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