100 Organizations to Donate to This Year

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Each year, PowerToFly invites our team to express gratitude for one another through an equitable, pay-it-forward style, Secret Snowflake gift exchange.

We ask that each of our team members donate to an organization that is near and dear to the heart of their “Secret Snowflake.” We love this holiday tradition because it offers our remote-first, international team the opportunity to learn more about each other on a personal level. It also feels good to do good on behalf of the passions of your colleagues.

In 2022, our team donated to 100 organizations!

If you are looking for great organizations to support this year, we invite you to utilize and share the PowerToFly Team's top 100 organizations to donate to in 2023:

  1. Special Olympics
  2. Quarto Por Venezuela
  3. SeedMoney
  4. D.A.R.N.A Animal Rescue
  5. Frida Hartley Women's Shelter
  6. Electronic Frontier Foundation
  7. Yoga Alliance
  8. Fandom Forward (formerly known as The Harry Potter Alliance)
  9. National Network of Abortion Funds
  10. Baja California Regional Fund
  11. Girls Soccer Worldwide
  12. Help Kharkiv
  13. Genesis Women's Shelter & Support
  14. SeekHer Foundation
  15. The Asian American Foundation (TAAF)
  16. Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre
  17. Fundación Rewilding Argentina
  18. LAPA Russia
  19. World Food Programme
  20. Save the Children in Jordan
  21. Animal Cruelty Campaign
  22. Funadación Tzedaka
  23. Headwaters Foundation
  24. One Acre Fund
  25. Mocha Celis
  26. Shanda Brain Surgery Fund
  27. World Wild Life Fund
  28. Pro Natura
  29. hEr VOLUTION
  30. The King's Daughters Day School
  31. Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon
  32. Kids League Kenya
  33. Hearts of Gold
  34. Break the Pipeline
  35. We Love Reading
  36. Banco de Alimentos Infantiles
  37. Philadelphia Children's Foundation
  38. National Center for Families Learning
  39. Inspiring Girls
  40. The Ronald McDonald House
  41. Fundación Escuelitas Rurales
  42. Greenpeace International
  43. The Awesome Foundation
  44. ABADS Ações Beneficientes para Pessoas Com Deficiência
  45. Fundación John Langdon Down
  46. UNFPA
  47. Dream Learn Work
  48. Isla Animals — Dog Rescue on Isla Mujeres
  49. Housing Crisis Center Dallas
  50. Haciendo Camino
  51. Active Minds
  52. Harriet Hancock LGBT Center
  53. Animal Rescue of the Rockies
  54. Egypt Cancer Network
  55. Ukrainian Nature Conservation Group
  56. Amigos de la Tierra
  57. Clube do Gato
  58. Fundación Dame La Mano
  59. The Trevor Project
  60. Proyecto Sacha
  61. UNICEF
  62. Self-Help International
  63. Children of India Foundation
  64. tgin Foundation
  65. True Colors United
  66. Plastic Oceans International
  67. Haciendo Camino
  68. Chicas en Tecnología
  69. A Shared Vision
  70. Cure Alzheimer's Fund
  71. World Justice Project
  72. Fiver Children's Foundation
  73. Baltimore Center Stage
  74. Mexico Children's Foundation
  75. Free to Run
  76. Afghan Institute of Learning
  77. Baby Ally's Medical Expenses
  78. Holmeside School — A Special Needs School
  79. Project 10
  80. Por los Chicos
  81. AFDA
  82. Oxfam
  83. Trans Santa
  84. Cool Girls Inc.
  85. El Campito Refugio
  86. Save the Children
  87. ECODES
  88. Alley Cat Allies
  89. Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan
  90. Huckleberry House
  91. WFP — World Food Programme
  92. Young Entrepreneurs Foundation
  93. Scouts de Mexico
  94. SFPAL — San Francisco Police Activities League
  95. Zadcom — Relief and Development
  96. Save a Yorkie Rescue
  97. Asha Foundation
  98. Kaleidoscope Youth Center for LGBTQIA+ Youth
  99. World Animal Protection
  100. St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital
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