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Recruiter Tips: Virtual Interviewing

Recruiter Tips: Virtual Interviewing

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Pitney Bowes Talent Advisors have a wealth of knowledge about recruiting, career advice and the job search process. They provide great perspective from their time working with candidates, hiring managers and Human Resources across Pitney Bowes. Here are tips to take with you in your next virtual interview:

Tech Check:

  • Make sure to download and tested the video chat program in advance
  • Check all internet connections and power to ensure there are no interruptions
  • Perform a quick test call with a friend or ask your recruiter if someone from the company could perform a quick test run with you
  • Ask your recruiter for a point of contact for troubleshooting if needed the day of the interview (i.e. if you don't see your interviewer on the call, you are having trouble hearing them, etc.)

Camera Ready:

  • Make sure you are in a place that is well lit (natural sunlight is ideal), uncluttered with minimal distractions in the background, and free of background noise (during times like this that can be challenging, consider using headphones)
  • Ensure you are not too close to the camera leaving distance between your computer and yourself
  • Dress business appropriate but also ensure that your setting is professional (minimal distractions)


  • Like a face to face interview, be early – Instead of arriving to the interview site early as you would for in person interviews, be ready and logged into the platform (Skype, Zoom, etc.) a few minutes early
  • Have notes and questions printed or written out just as they would be for an in-person interview, avoid switching back and forth from the call to notes on your computer screen.

Stay Focused:

  • Avoid Distractions – Turn off your phone, shutdown IM and email notifications
  • The simple act of smiling when entering a virtual interview will launch a successful meeting as it immediately "breaks the ice."
  • Most importantly be yourself!
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