Remote Work Round-Up

Plus: Designing the perfect space for remote work

Remote Work Round-Up

Having the opportunity to work from your couch is definitely something to brag about- but I'm here to tell you, after 5 days of full-time couch sitting, your body will be screaming for a hard chair and some form of organization.

Whether you're lucky enough to have a private home office, or you're converting a small corner of your dwelling into an office by day, the new book HomeWork, (which will be published in early April) is going to change your life.

Written and curated by cofounder and editor- in-chief of Monitor magazine Anna Yudina, she understands that working remotely is a huge perk, but also comes with it's challenges- mainly when it comes to space.

"People have very different situations to which they have to adapt their workplace," Yudina says. "Sometimes you need to balance it with kids at home, sometimes you have a tiny space where you still have to find a way to organize for different times of the day and situations. It's finding the right scenario in the right space and time, through design."

Moving walls are no longer just for Hogwarts. New York-based architect Michael K. Chen's 360 degree movable walls make up some of the most impressive designs within Yudina's book, and they're perfect for renters.

Getting inspired? Us too. Now apply to one of these 10 remote jobs and you'll be able to create the workspace of your dreams in no time (while working in leggings)! Check out our remote jobs page for even more opportunities.

Buffer - Product Developer (Remote)

Corgibytes - Sales and Marketing Coordinator (Remote)

GitLab - Product Marketing Manager (Remote)

Forecast Foundation - Senior UI/UX designer (Remote)

Olo - Engineering Manager, Operations (Remote)

PowerToFly - Part Time Content Creator (Remote)

Very - Senior Software Engineer -- Javascript (Remote)

Worldwide101 - Virtual Executive Assistant (Remote)

YNAB - Humbly Confident Senior Mobile Developer (Remote)

Zapier - Data Warehouse Architect (Remote)

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