ServiceNow NextGen Bootcamp

ServiceNow NextGen Bootcamp

ServiceNow’s NextGen Bootcamp application window is open for the next program cohort on October 17, 2022! The program is dedicated to growing the talent pool of ServiceNow trained professionals and is open for everyone — whether you’ve studied tech or not, are returning to work after a career break, are under-employed or wanting to change your career and enter technology for the first time.

The 9-week program is a combination of 4 ServiceNow instructor-led training classes that will take you through technical training, provide you with soft skills via our partner network, introduce you to employers and link you up with a ServiceNow employee as a mentor. After completion of the bootcamp, you will receive two vouchers to take the exams for the following ServiceNow certifications: ServiceNow Certified System Administrator and ServiceNow Certified Application Developer.

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ServiceNow is investing in you by providing this training bootcamp usually worth $10,000+USD at zero cost. Training will be a mixture of instructor led courses, self-paced modules, and hands-on projects, providing you with a variety of learning along the way.

Learning ServiceNow will provide you with the platform to innovate and solve the world’s problems through the power of digital workflows. To take advantage of this, we need you to be an original thinker. That means being brave enough to share outrageous ideas, explore all possibilities, collaborate, and respond with “what if” and “let’s try” to all the challenges that come your way.

ServiceNow’s ecosystem is crying out for talent, so the opportunities exist for you to build a meaningful and secure career post bootcamp. With current demand salaries can be set higher than average, creating financial incentives. ServiceNow needs you, so why not come join and be part of the defining enterprise software company of the 21st Century.

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