Show Cultural Add and Get Your Next Job

Show Cultural Add and Get Your Next Job

💎 How can you show cultural add? Watch the video to the end to learn how to do it and get valuable advice to succeed in the interview process.

📼 Cultural add is essential when joining a new work environment, but it is not the only thing that matters. Azwan Rahim, talent acquisition partner at Workiva, will walk you through the interview process and share helpful advice.

📼 Workiva assesses cultural add and competency with a thorough screening and interview process. They want to hire the best people for each job. They look for candidates who align with the company values, represent diverse backgrounds and skillsets, and are motivated to work as a team. The “Tell Me About Yourself” segment is by far the most important to get right, as it will set the tone for the rest of the interview and give you the confidence boost you need to kick-start the conversation. Try to be succinct and purposeful in your sharing. You should be able to confidently walk recruiters through the summary of your profile, plus your current and past experience.

📼 Express cultural add with the right answers. Your answers to recruiters' questions should allow them to gain insights into your skills, past experience, and mindset. You can answer questions about your competencies by providing relevant examples validated by success metrics. Frame your answers according to the job requirements. It is helpful to think and structure your speech as a story. There should be a beginning (the situation), a middle (what you did), and an end (the outcome). That way, you can share with the interviewer how you have exemplified those competencies or skills required for the position.

Show Cultural Add - Workiva’s Core Values

Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging are core values at Workiva. They strive to create a workplace where everyone is comfortable bringing their best, authentic selves to work every day. They foster a work environment that encourages fairness, teamwork, and respect among all employees. They value all backgrounds, beliefs, and interests and recognize this diversity as an important part of innovation and success. The company’s culture of diversity and inclusion increases employee engagement, empowerment, and satisfaction.

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Workiva was founded to transform the way people manage and report business data with various collaborators, data sources, documents, and spreadsheets. Today, people all over the world use their platform to seamlessly orchestrate data among their systems and applications for transparent and trusted connected reporting and compliance. At Workiva, they are innovative in everything they do—from how they build their software, to how they serve their customers, to how they treat their employees.

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