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Top Tips For Your Continuous Professional Development - Become A Better Software Developer!

Top Tips For Your Continuous Professional Development - Become A Better Software Developer!

💎As a software developer, continuous professional development is crucial to grow your career. Watch the video to the end to get top tips from Def Method into how you can become a better software developer!

📼 Don’t miss these 3 top tips on continuous professional development for your career in tech. Play this video to get three top tips to become a better software developer. You'll hear from Yisselda Rhoc, Senior Software Engineer at Def Method, who has gathered these tips from working with over a dozen companies, and they've helped her navigate her tech career.

📼#1 tip for a continuous professional development is: Learn How You Learn. As a software engineer, there will always be a new programming language and a new framework to learn. It is expected that you will improve your skills as time goes by. Figuring out the best way for you to learn is very important. Assess when is the best time of the day for you to study, and with what duration and frequency you feel more comfortable with. We know that books are very good friends, but keep in mind there's also different types of resources that you can use, like videos, podcasts, and blog posts.

📼 #2 tip for a continuous professional development is: Find Your Community. Yisselda share that finding and building her network is something that's been really helpful for her. You can build your network too! You can join peer network groups, go to tech events, conferences, and just find people that you can relate to, even your favorite coworker. Building this network will help you find mentors and create also safe places where you can ask questions. Overall, you'll just be inspired and challenged to go to the next level.

Continuous Professional Development - Tip #3: Track Your Progress

As Yisselda puts it, it’s very valuable to write down and reflect on your accomplishments. What she likes to do is every other week to write down what she’s done, what she’s learned, and what challenges she overcame. You can find this super useful to later on share your journey, it keeps you accountable, too! And it helps you create new goals for yourself. Start with this, and after, every six months, you can do like Yisselda does: a retrospective on all her accomplishments. This will definitely boost your confidence and help you plan the next steps in your career.

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Get to Know Yisselda

Yisselda is a Senior Software Engineer with six years of professional experience in software build, maintenance, and evolution. She’s had the opportunity to work with diverse clients within an array of markets and verticals including FinTech, Fashion Tech, Healthcare, and Music Distribution. Yisselda enjoys collaborative environments that enable her to share her expertise and add value to their businesses. If you are interested in a career at Def Method, you can connect with Yisselda Rhoc on LinkedIn. Don’t forget to mention this video!

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