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4 ways to leverage your people team

Photo of Veracode's Maura Maher, people business partner, and Kendra Dupuis, principle L&D business partner, with quote saying, "The mission of the People Success Team is to cultivate a passionate, committed, diverse workforce enabled to deliver big outcomes that help our customers change the world."

At Veracode, the human resources (HR) department goes by “People Success.” And when you listen to Maura Maher and Kendra Dupuis talk about their work on the People Success team, that name sounds about right.

Maura and Kendra shared, “The mission of the People Success Team is to cultivate a passionate, committed, diverse workforce enabled to deliver big outcomes that help our customers change the world.”

As a people business partner, Maura spends much of her days coaching people, solving problems, and bringing new ideas to the conversation on making Veracode a great workplace. Kendra, on the other hand, manages learning and development efforts as a principal L&D business partner which includes welcoming new hires during a comprehensive onboarding program.

Together, their work ensures new Veracoders can thrive from onboarding to success — and we sat down with both Maura and Kendra to hear exactly what that looks like.

Crafting a strong onboarding experience

Kendra and Maura acknowledge that “information overload” is a common challenge for People teams when onboarding new hires — so they actively focus on implementing methods for a smooth transition.

“We’ve found that breaking up the Veracode orientation sessions into two, rather than cramming all of the information into one session, allows new hires to digest the information before moving on to the next topic,” explains Kendra.

Another way they mitigate information overload is through a buddy system. “We assign each new team member a Verabuddy and IT buddy to help navigate the day-to-day,” says Maura, who has also served as a Verabuddy herself. “And, for specific roles, the People Team partners with the manager to create a custom onboarding plan and learning path. This approach helps set expectations for behavior and drive focus for the content that matters most at each stage of their onboarding.”

At the 45- and 90-day mark, the learning and development team facilitates survey check-ins, and business partners use this information to pinpoint opportunities for improvement.

Helping employees thrive through continuous learning

The employee journey extends far beyond the onboarding process at Veracode. As a learning and development partner, Kendra and her team design programs for every level within the organization.

For example, with individuals seeking to enhance their skills, Veracode offers a comprehensive three-part program that dives deeper into essential competencies that contribute to personal and professional success: effective communication, embracing change, and two-way feedback.

Veracode also offers a comprehensive learning program for enhancing leadership skills and capabilities known as Managing for Success.

“If instructor-led training isn’t the right fit, Veracode offers self-paced learning through LinkedIn Learning, allowing individuals to choose their own learning paths based on the skills they’re looking to develop,” Kendra adds.

Fostering open communication

The focus on continuity extends to the People Business Partners as well.

“We have an open Zoom policy and host office hours on particular topics or programs at Veracode,” Maura explains. “We also stay in close connection with the hiring managers and key stakeholders to keep a pulse on the sentiment and engagement of our new colleagues.”

On a company-wide level, Veracode offers regular programs that help gauge employee sentiment and gain 360-degree feedback.

4 tips to make the most of your HR team

When you look at your own career, Maura and Kendra encourage you to take advantage of all your People team offers. Here are their four top tips for doing so:

  1. Make the investment to get to know the People team. Take time to get to know your partners and resources on the People team to build a relationship.
  2. Ask the team about career development and progression at the company. It’s important to invest in yourself and your career development. Take the opportunity to learn the job architecture and what the career progression landscape is at your company.
  3. Be proactive in sharing feedback. This includes suggestions and solutions to improve the company and onboarding experience. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and bring best practices from prior experiences.
  4. Share the good news. Celebrate and share your achievements so your business partners can better advocate for your career growth.

For both Maura and Kendra, it’s the daily challenge of helping people become their best selves at work that draws them to the profession.

“You never know what challenge or new scenario you will encounter when you get to work each day,” Maura enthuses. “I love the role I play in creating that moment when the potential of a person, team, or business is realized.”

And, as a people person at heart, Kendra enjoys witnessing the evolution of team members.

“What excites me about learning and development is the opportunity for growth and transformation,” she says. “Realizing how knowledge can sharpen skills and empower individuals to reach their full potential is why I come to work every day.”

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