What Coding Language Should You Learn First?

What Coding Language Should You Learn First?

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In today’s job market, the majority of in-demand, high salary, secure careers involve technology. Just understanding and knowing the role technology plays in everyday functions is enough to set you apart. However, if you’re looking to make a significant career move, there’s one highly recommended skill you can acquire to start your tech journey: coding.

There are hundreds of coding languages out there, so how do you know which one you should learn first? Instead of endlessly scrolling through countless websites to find the answer, keep reading for our list of coding languages that are best suited to help you enter the technology career of your choice!

Why Learn to Code?

From buying a movie ticket to playing music, almost everything we do is supported by lines of code that come together to provide a function. We use code to create websites, games, apps, software, and so much more. So how exactly does it work? Coding is how we communicate with computers to produce a desired outcome.

Simply put, it’s a way to instruct a computer to perform a specific function. Similar to human languages, there are different coding languages that communicate different functions to a computer.

Having a general idea of how code works and using that knowledge to improve and create new features is a powerful skill in any industry. The benefits of adding coding knowledge to your resume are numerous. Not only will it set you apart from others, but you can expect a significant increase to your earning potential. Coding is also a skill set that is highly in demand and highly likely to stay in demand.

Also, learning to code opens the door to opportunities for careers in almost any industry, as well as freelance and remote working opportunities. The scope and potential of this skill is vast. This may seem intimidating at first, but you can always start by learning one and expanding your knowledge over time So, without further ado, let’s dive into some of the best coding languages to start with!

Top 4 Coding Languages with Potential Career Paths


HTML or HyperText Markup Language is the computer language behind web pages and applications. The term hypertext refers to text that references other text, while markup language refers to the different symbols inserted with text that change the style and structure of a text document. HTML tags specify parts of text as headings, paragraphs, links, and so on. In essence, HTML allows you to influence what a user sees on their screen.

It might surprise you to know that HTML is not considered a programming language. As a markup language, HTML does not actually modify or manipulate data. However, skills in HTML still classify you as a coder in a markup language. Being skilled in HTML is also a common prerequisite for IT and front-end development careers. Should you combine your HTML skills with other programming languages, you’ll find yourself being able to create the bulk of webpages and applications. For this reason, we recommend learning HTML as it is the foundation needed for careers in front end development. Most importantly, it is widely used and beginner friendly!


One of the most widely used programming languages JavaScript is used in web development, mobile applications, game development, and web servers. This language is responsible for the behavior of a web page. This includes features such as clickable buttons, animated content, graphics, and interactive capabilities. JavaScript is the code behind online shopping carts, syncing audio to video, image rollovers, and other common user-oriented applications.

Due to its wide use, JavaScript is highly sought after by hiring managers. Frontend development, user interface design, and web application development are all careers that require a knowledge of JavaScript. Additionally, if combined with HTML or CSS, JavaScript is even more potent. It might also reassure you to know that JavaScript is considered a beginner friendly language! In fact, it is often regarded as one of the easiest programming languages to learn. If designing user-friendly and dynamic web page features seems interesting to you, then learning JavaScript is a critical first step!


Python is a general-purpose programming language that is regarded as another easy programming language to learn and use. Python’s powerful abilities have led to its popularity as the go-to language for back-end development. In fact, Python is the code behind popular websites such as YouTube, Google, Spotify, Instagram, and even Reddit to name a few! Python is used in data analytics, science, website development, imaging, animation, and even video games. Python’s extensive libraries, community-oriented platform, user-friendly features, and overall flexibility has made it the backbone of many popular services.

Learning Python would open up opportunities in a number of different tech roles. While some functions of Python are applied to frontend development, Python is more powerful with backend development functions or even full stack development roles. Some applications of Python can include optimizing algorithms, enforcing security and protection measures, ensuring high performance across features, data analytics, and designing databases. Python is also widely used across industries and would allow for variety in day-to-day tasks.

Learning Python is beginner friendly due to its readability and easy-to-use structural elements. Python is especially great for English speakers and makes it easy to memorize basic syntax structures. If you’re seeking to advance your career using Python, we recommend you first gain a basic understanding of its features and then learn advanced features that are applicable to the demands of your role.


Applications are everywhere. Any app that you can name was written by a team of programmers. If you’ve ever had the desire to write your own app, create an app for your business, or even set up apps for others, then learning coding languages for operating systems such as iOS and Android would be your best bet!

Since an app is developed for a specific operating system, there are different programming languages that best suit that operating system. To write an app for Apple’s iOS system, you can learn Swift, which is a programming language developed by Apple. Similarly, Kotlin is a programming language suited for applications written for an Android operating system. Learning either language, or perhaps even both, will allow you to begin your career as an app developer. App developers work independently or with teams to produce apps for different operating systems. This is a skill that is sought after by many as there is high demand to develop mobile apps quickly and efficiently. Additionally, both Swift and Kotlin make writing apps both easier and faster. Swift and Kotlin are relatively easy to learn and need at least 2–3 months to learn. If you decide to learn these languages, maybe one day we’ll all be able to use an app that you wrote!

Our Pick: Python

Picking a programming language to start with should be dependent on your career goals. JavaScript and HTML lead to fron end and website design jobs, while Swift and Kotlin open up paths in app development. However, for those seeking to generally enter a tech career, Python is the most versatile option. Python allows for a mix of frontend and backend development, and opens opportunities in a plethora of technology functions. In addition to far-reaching career prospects, Python is extremely beginner-friendly and known for its user-friendly syntax. As an added bonus, learning other programming languages after Python is even easier!

Ready to Get Started?

Learning to code does not have to feel daunting! The most important part of learning to code is your mindset. Coding can be fun and there are different resources to assist you along the way. One of our top recommendations is coding bootcamps. Bootcamps allow you to learn coding in a guided and streamlined process. Most importantly, bootcamps are usually accompanied by a certificate which you can add to your resume. If you want to learn more about coding bootcamps you can click here for our list of the Best Coding Bootcamps in 2022.

Best Coding Bootcamps

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