Workiva Day of Service: Doing Good Around the Globe

Workiva Day of Service: Doing Good Around the Globe

March 17 is a day of significance for Workiva. It marks the anniversary of the release of the company's SEC reporting solution in 2010 and the launch of Wdesk in 2013, and they've continued to celebrate the day annually as “Workiva Day.” This year, Workiva celebrated their 12th Workiva Day with a company-wide day of service. Because what better way to reinforce a commitment to building a better future than empowering employees all around the globe to come together and give back?!

The first-ever Workiva Day of Service was a huge success. Hundreds of employees participated in a variety of volunteer activities like preparing meals at food banks, cleaning beaches, building bikes, writing cards, and much more. In total, Workiva employees tracked nearly 3,000 volunteer hours across 100 different charitable organizations.

Here are just a few ways in which employees gave back on Workiva Day:

Cards for Seniors

Sault Ste Marie employees getting crafty!

Amy Cantin, Office Manager, and other employees in our Sault Ste Marie office chose to spend their day getting crafty and making cards for a local nursing home in their community. This is what she had to say about the experience:

“I felt strongly that this activity would be great to show support to those in our community who might not have many visitors or receive mail, especially with all the covid-19 regulations we have had over the last two years. It was great that Workiva allowed us time to figure out how to give back to others and be able to do that with other employees. I think that helping others is really important and it makes me feel happy that I had the opportunity to help some residents at the Davey Home, maybe feel less isolated and lonely and just bring a smile to their faces!”

Outdoor Alliance of Story County

Engineering team in Ames helping our community.

One of the Engineering teams from our Ames, Iowa office paired up with Outdoor Alliance of Story County (OASCO) to remove 1220 lbs. of trash from the trails around the South Skunk River in Ames, Iowa where our Headquarters is located. One of the participants, Greg Thompson, Senior Software Engineer, shared his experience helping keep the Ames community clean alongside his coworkers.

“It took a lot of guidance from OASCO and 3 truckloads of garbage to the Ames Resource Recovery Plant. We really enjoyed the Workiva Day of Service. We were able to use it as a team-building outing where we could get outside, get some exercise, and do some good in the community!”

YMCA Supportive Housing Campus

Workivians helping at the YMCA!

Others decided to spend their day at the YMCA Supportive Housing Campus in Des Moines, Iowa. This is the only campus of this kind in North America and provides secure permanent housing, supplemented by supportive services for 140+ residents.

“On the 12th anniversary of our company, I’m feeling grateful to have the opportunity to give back to the community on Workiva Day of Service,” said Diana Cam, Senior Director of Partner Marketing. “We had a blast making May Day treats for the residents.”


Amsterdam Workivians helping their community!

Our Amsterdam team also participated in several projects! One of them was pairing up with MeerBomenNu in the planting of trees across their community. This is what one of the participants, Celine Hauwing, Intern - Financial Reporting, said about her experience: “It was fun to gather as a company to celebrate our success and achievements, especially when #Workivians are able to give back to the community as a way to commemorate this occasion.” The team planted 130 trees and shrubs during their service event, and they are planning to return to do service with this organization in the future.

Gallatin Valley Land Trust

Bozeman Workivians cleaning up their community.

Workivians in Montana gathered to clean up the Bozeman pond and Story Mill Park with the help of some very special four-legged friends!

Tiffany Feisthamel, Office Manager, spoke about this new way of celebrating Workiva Day by helping the community: “It's great that Workiva gives all employees volunteer time every year, but it was even better to have an extra 8 hours this year for everyone to dedicate a day to volunteering together. It felt like teamwork! Getting to do something good for our community was a great way to celebrate Workiva Day!”

Wish for Wheels

Workivians at Wish for Wheels

About 50 Workivians in Denver decided to spend the day unloading, assembling, quality checking, and handing out bikes to elementary school students in a low income community.

Jared Hayes, Lead Customer Success Manager, shared: “Working with the Wish for Wheels organization, 50 kids were able to leave with a new bike. Workivians partnered up and helped the kids get their bike adjusted to their height and their helmet fitted before sending them on their way. During that time we were able to chat with the kids about their day and how they plan on using their bike. They were so excited to be able to leave with a new bike that they got to claim as their own. We were excited to share that experience with them and to encourage them to enjoy their new bike outside as the weather gets warmer.”

Habitat For Humanity

Workivians at Habitat for Humanity

Here are some more Workivians in action, helping to build a house with Habitat for Humanity in Des Moines.
Erica Andersen, Senior Manager of Sales Operations - Partnerships & Government, said about her experience: “I think we all learned we enjoy our desk jobs, but had so much fun and learned a few tricks of the trade.”

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