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Flexable is a Pittsburgh based company that offers flexible childcare solutions and virtual babysitting nationwide.


Flexable provides backup childcare virtually to support working parents during and beyond COVID. The company was started by two moms on a mission to make work and life fit better for professional parents. Both women dealt with the struggles of wanting a career, to attend networking opportunities, and the ability to attend events while also being the best parent possible. They were determined to change the childcare industry to fit the realities of being a working parent and support adults who have both career and family goals.

Our solution

In March of 2020, after experiencing and seeing the effects of COVID-19 on working parents, Flexable launched Virtual Childcare to help working parents continue to make Life + Work Fit. By offering virtual babysitting options that could be accessed on-demand, it provides parents with one less worry when they have a meeting or phone call. It provides an opportunity for a much needed break during the day.

A bit more about Virtual Childcare...

Virtual childcare is a safe, new way to take care of children while parents take care of other things in life. Similar to traditional childcare, Flexable's Virtual Childcare services employ fully vetted, background checked, and insured Virtual Hosts to provide high quality, safe, and engaging care to children ages 3-10.

The entire team is strong-working, empathetic, and justice-oriented with a deep understanding of the struggles of working parents and a passion to help take the burden of working while caring for a child off of parents' shoulders. Flexable hosts log on for virtual babysitting from coast to coast using their talents to entertain children ages 3 -10. Flexable hosts can hold your children accountable for completing their homework, can entertain and engage them through activities like magic or crafts.

CEO Priya Amin is quoted as saying, "We are committed to making Life + Work Fit for the parents we serve and our entire team. By offering virtual babysitting options, we hope to help working parents take back more of their time while their kids learn and have fun!"

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