Aurora Solar

Aurora Solar - Inside the Company! Career Development Opportunities

Aurora Solar - Inside the Company! Career Development Opportunities

💎 Want to work at Aurora Solar? Take a peek into the company and learn about their engineering team! Watch the video until the end to check all the open positions!

📼 The Aurora Solar company relies on passionate people who care about what they build and about each other. In this video, you'll meet Thusha Agampodi, Director of Engineering at Aurora Solar. Thusha will reveal a bit about the engineering team and what they do every day to create an environment where everyone can share their diverse perspectives.

📼 Aurora Solar company has a ton of roles open in their engineering organization right now, like front and backend engineers, QA engineers, UX designers, and product managers. And the list keeps growing!

📼 At Aurora Solar, the engineering organization is broken into small teams called “pods” that collaborate with other teams within the company. Building good relationships between team members has never been more crucial because most people work remotely. Thusha thinks it’s necessary to be intentional about taking time to build trust with each other within a team. So they have a lot of groups in Slack for shared interests to talk about things outside of work and get to know each other. Thusha loves seeing her teammates’ children and pets drop in on video calls!

Inside Aurora Solar Company - Career Growth

Thusha believes understanding the next steps in your career is really important. As for her personal experience, she didn't always have the clarity required to get to the next step in her career. At Aurora Solar, they’ve spent a lot of effort creating career ladders for every role in the company with clear guidance as to what's required to get to the next steps. As Thusha points out, these are not easy conversations to have. So they want to make them accessible to everyone by providing training to managers and individual contributors so that everybody can have a clear view of career progression.

🧑💼 The engineering team at Aurora Solar is growing! Make sure you don't miss any of their open positions. To apply, click here.

More About Aurora Solar

At Aurora Solar, they are building a digital platform that powers the solar industry. Their platform helps solar companies streamline complex and costly manual processes, so they can focus on what matters – driving solar adoption at scale. They are a collaborative team of sustainable energy enthusiasts who love what they do. Join them on their mission to drop the costs of solar for everyone, everywhere. They are venture-backed and have won several engineering grants from the US Department of Energy and Stanford University. If you care about applying your talents towards building something that truly makes a difference, Aurora Solar would love to hear from you!

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