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Clarus Commerce: How WomenHack Is Building a Diversely Talented Tech Community

Clarus Commerce: How WomenHack Is Building a Diversely Talented Tech Community

Below is an article originally written by Laura Esposito, Talent Acquisition Manager at Clarus Commerce. Go to Clarus Commerce's page on PowerToFly to see their open positions and learn more.

If you're a woman in the tech field looking to advance your career, or if you're a woman looking to start a job in tech, the job search can seem daunting.

In what has been a primarily male-dominated industry, it might seem like there aren't a lot of opportunities for women in technology.

That's why participating in events like WomenHack is so important because they bring us closer to narrowing the gender gap in IT.

WomenHack is About Community

It's important to dedicate recruitment efforts around equality in the workplace and implement strategies to target women in technology.

Events like the Feb. 5 WomenHack event here at Clarus shine a light on the talented female developers out there and give them a chance to network and meet other technology professionals.

Being a part of recruiting events like this is a critical step toward engaging more women in the IT industry.

"WomenHack is a community that empowers women in tech through recruiting events, jobs and interviews," Samantha Boivin, Event Director at WomenHack, explained. "We bring talented female developers, designers, and product managers together with local companies who are hiring."

WomenHack is part of HackerX, which is the world's largest invite-only networking and recruiting event for developers.

"We are a little over three years old now," Samantha explained. "We started off from one experimental event, branching out to a few cities, to now over 125 cities."

Samantha said that WomenHack events provide a platform for women in tech to gather and share conversations, experiences, collaborations, and opportunities.

"As we become more visible, this also encourages more women to be curious about the industry and ultimately be a part of it," Samantha added. "There are, of course, countless opportunities out there for women in tech."

WomenHack at Clarus

The recent WomenHack event at Clarus Commerce was a great success. We spent time meeting female IT professionals and interviewed them during the Speed Dating portion of the evening.

This has already positively shaped our candidate pools for some open IT positions. These conversations have promoted greater gender diversity in our IT talent pipeline, paving the way to hiring more females in our IT department.

Although Clarus' overall employee population is 57% female, we strive to attract and hire more female talent in technology.

We look forward to future opportunities to embrace and celebrate women in tech as we continue to value diversity (of all kinds) here at Clarus.

WomenHack Hartford 2020 at Clarus

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