How To Show Cultural Fit - Prepare For Your Interview With CDW

How To Show Cultural Fit - Prepare For Your Interview With CDW

💎Wondering how to show cultural fit when applying to a company? Watch this video till the end to learn all about the interview process at CDW!

📼When considering how to show cultural fit when applying for a position at CDW, the #1 way to do so, according to Alexis Brown, Talent Acquisition Recruiter at CDW, is by displaying excellent communication skills, and #2, showing passion for what you do.

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📼 If you’d like to apply for a position with CDW, you should know how to show that you’re a cultural fit with the company. At CDW, they run the business with both passion and integrity. So, as a prospective candidate, you should offer examples that showcase your passion for your industry, your love for the work you do, the impact you’ve had on others, and your motivation to show up to work every day – all in alignment with CDW’s culture.And go ahead and show off your personality! Sprinkle a little bit of it throughout the whole interview process.

📼 Besides knowing how to show cultural fit in the interview process with CDW, you should also prepare to demonstrate your experience and skills in the best way possible. As a company recruiter, Alexis always appreciates seeing specific projects and engagements you were a part of and understanding your direct contribution and impact on the overall mission. Display both active and inactive certifications relative to current industry standards and practices. Remember to be very specific on your resume so you can wrap the recruiter's mind around the overall scope and environment that you're coming from. You want to ensure that you're completing everything fully and that your resume is the ultimate representation of your experience!

How To Show Cultural Fit At CDW: Learn All About Their DEI Initiatives

At CDW, they place tremendous value on you bringing your authentic self to work every day. They're committed to creating a welcoming environment where you'll feel comfortable no matter who you are and where you come from. The company ensures that everyone's voice is heard through their Business Resource Groups (BRGs). BRGs elevate cultural awareness, bringing together folks who are like-minded or passionate about specific goals regarding underrepresented talent.

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Get to Know Alexis

Alexis has always enjoyed helping others achieve their goals and is passionate about working with people, one of the essential components of an organization. Alexis aspires to use her communication and relationship-building skills to assist customers in reaching optimal efficiency and continued success! If you are interested in a career at CDW, you can connect with Alexis Brown on LinkedIn!

More About CDW

The company's story began in 1984 when their founder placed a $3 classified ad and sold a single PC. CDW was born shortly after. What started as a small company selling hardware and software has become a $20 billion international provider of IT solutions and services. CDW's fingerprints can be found on technology in workplaces and workspaces of more than 250,000 companies, from fresh-faced startups to international conglomerates. With the breadth of products and services they offer, combined with the expertise of our specialists, there is no request too big or too small. Visit the #LifeAtCDW blog to meet the team and learn more about CDW's electric culture.

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