Nail a Nonprofit Organization Interview After Watching This Video!

Nail a Nonprofit Organization Interview After Watching This Video!

💎Join a nonprofit organization after a great interview. Watch the video to the end to prepare for a successful recruiting process.

📼 When facing a nonprofit organization interview, you should show that you are the perfect fit for the position. Jeanette Cerami, Recruiter and Training Specialist at DreamSpring, shares tips for a smooth application and interview process where you can demonstrate your alignment with the company.

📼During a nonprofit organization interview there are some skills to showcase that recruiters will love. First is clear and concise communication. Keep in mind that interviews are only 30 to 60 minutes long. So if it's helpful, you might want to write down a couple of points you should cover to make sure that you're staying on track. Next, show self-reflection and the ability to get and give critical feedback. When describing a past work experience, keep in mind how you grew or learned from it. Finally, demonstrate hunger and humility to learn and improve. That’ll show you are a great candidate for the team.

📼In a nonprofit organization interview you want to make sure that you understand the company’s mission and values. So once you've checked out their values and mission, you should ask yourself: "Do I personally connect with these values?" "Do I align with them?" If you do, then find ways to articulate those connections in your interview with the recruiters.

Nonprofit Organization Interview Steps

At DreamSpring, there are six stages to expect in the interview process. The first is a 20 to 30-minute screening call with the recruiter to make sure that you understand the expectations of the role. After that, they’ll send you a skills assessment or may request samples of work depending on the role you're applying for. The first full interview will be with a People and Culture representative and the hiring manager. After that, you’ll have an interview with a panel of DreamSpring Associates. The company may also ask you to meet with the executive team and have a follow-up conversation with the CEO. Finally, they will ask for some reference checks and will do a background screening.

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Get to Know Jeanette Cerami

Jeanette is a successful Staffing Management Supervisor with 10 years of progressive roles in senior management combined with 25 years of performance experience and 15 years of teaching and training experience. If you are interested in a career at DreamSpring, you can connect with her on LinkedIn. Don’t forget to mention this video!

More About DreamSpring

DreamSpring is a nonprofit community lender dedicated to eliminating systemic wealth inequities and accelerating the economic inclusion and strength of underserved communities. Founded in 1994, the organization, which operates in 19 states, provides rapid access to capital and customized wrap-around support to the most vulnerable small business owners, focusing on communities including people of color, women, low- to moderate-income earners, people with disabilities, and start-ups. DreamSpring has issued more than 42,000 loans totaling over $465 million to small businesses that have supported over 72,000 jobs.

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