Put Your Ideas Into Practice With These Tips!

Put Your Ideas Into Practice With These Tips!

💎Want to put your ideas into practice but don’t know how? Watch the video to the end to find out how to transition from thinking to doing!

📼To put ideas into practice can be overwhelming, especially if you have a long to-do list. Play this video to get three top tips on how to organize yourself to achieve your goals. You'll hear from Theresa Aubinger, Strategic Territory Sales Representative at Autodesk, who shares what she learned in her career experience.

📼 Put ideas into practice hierarchically. Tip #1: Prioritize tasks. One of the greatest lessons you can learn is how to properly prioritize your goals. You should always prioritize your to-do list based on your primary job function within the company. Decide the order of your tasks accordingly.

📼Manage time to put ideas into practice Tip #2: Block your calendar. Your day’s activities should be driven by what’s on your calendar. Managing time is your responsibility. One way to ensure that you are dedicating time to key job functions is by blocking your calendar. For example, you can schedule prospecting for new opportunities. If you work in Sales, account planning is another thing that you can schedule on your calendar. Dedicate time to all your tasks!

Put Ideas Into Practice Successfully - Tip #3: Create An Accountability Plan

When it comes to accountability and planning, documentation is critical. It's the only way you’ll be able to track your priorities and track your and other people's action items. This is critical for being successful. By documenting, sharing, and then reviewing your plan, you're able to hold yourself and your team members accountable, and you can also use this to help your customers get things done.

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Get to Know Theresa Aubinger

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