Remote Work Round-Up

Jan. 31st 2017

Remote Work Round-Up

It's no surprise that remote, or flexible work, is quickly becoming the most sought after benefit for job seekers in 2018. Sure, the term "digital nomad" sounds really cool, but true location flexibility is allowing for some of the biggest changes in company structure in decades, and offering some really interesting opportunities for those looking to explore the world while earning a steady paycheck. recently published an article outlining its predictions for remote work in 2018, and they couldn't be more spot-on.

Freelancing is set to outpace full-time roles for many groups and industries such as recent grads and software engineers. It's becoming a legitimate career path for not only those who have the ability to travel to and from companies worldwide, but for mothers and caregivers with unique schedules that can't swing a regular 9-to-5 job.

"The 9-to-5 job won't cease to exist, but many will likely be revamped, with increased work-from-home days and varying office hours in response to a broader culture shift toward greater flexibility."

Freelancing aside, another prediction of is the growth of companies without borders and embracing a new culture unique to international, remote companies.

"In 2018 we'll see a rise in virtual companies founded both within and across borders by expats with distributed teams; because of their international status, these startups will likely serve broader global audiences and employ more multicultural workforces."

Whether you're ready to embrace "digital nomad" status, or just looking for a company who's willing (and wanting!) you to work from your couch, we've got ten amazing remote opportunities for you to apply to below. For even more available roles, head over to our remote jobs page.

Arsenal Studios - Junior/ Mid Level Frontend Web and Application Developer (Remote)

Bevy Labs Inc. - Software Engineer (Remote)

db coaching - Virtual Assistant, Marketing/ Lead Gen (Remote)

Dow Jones - Service Desk Analyst (Remote)

GitLab - Field Marketing Manager, East Coast (Remote)

Help Scout - Java Engineer (Remote) - Technical Support Superstar (Remote)

PowerToFly - Customer Success Associate (Remote)

Worldwide 101 - Virtual Executive Assistant (Remote)

Zapier - VP of Marketing (Remote)

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