Virtual Interview Top Tips From a Recruiter at AAA

Virtual Interview Top Tips From a Recruiter at AAA

💎 Prepare for a virtual interview with these three tips from an AAA recruiter! Watch the video to the end to learn all the tools & tricks that’ll help you ace your interview.

📼 Don’t miss these virtual interview tips! Play this video to get three top tips from LaVencia Knight, a recruiter at AAA, that you can use to prepare for an interview with the company.

📼 Virtual Interview Tips #1: Prepare your setup! Scan your background to ensure that everything the interviewer can see is neat and orderly. Next, check your microphone. Make sure it's working correctly before the interview. And lastly, if you're using a smart device, such as a phone, don’t hold it in your hand! It’s best to put it somewhere stable; a stack of books is always helpful!

📼 Virtual Interview Tips #2: Focus on connection. Put yourself in a distraction-free environment before the interview. The evaluator needs to focus on your conversation and not become preoccupied with things in the background. Also, be sure to establish and maintain eye contact during your interview.

Virtual Interview Tips - Tip #3: Present Your Best Self

Be your best self! Dress professionally for the interview. Also, pay complete attention and process the evaluator's questions before you answer. That’s a sign that you are a skilled listener.

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