What Motivates You? Prepare to Answer This Interview Question With SevenFifty

What Motivates You? Prepare to Answer This Interview Question With SevenFifty

💎 "What motivates you?" What's the best way to answer this interview question? See these tips from a recruiter to find out!

📼 Watch this video from SevenFifty and learn how to answer the "what motivates you?" interview question. Nathalie Rodriguez, Director of Recruiting at SevenFifty, shares insight into preparing for their application process.

📼 "Tell us about what motivates you." This is a really common interview question that the company asks regarding motivations and interests. They want to ensure that what you're planning to do in the future aligns with the role you're applying to and the various tasks you will be solving.

📼 When answering what motivates you, a way to stand out in the interview process (especially in front of a recruiter or hiring manager) is to ask great questions. This implies that you are curious, work well with ambiguity, and that you can uncover answers to questions that arise. Curiosity is important and really differentiates you from other candidates. Ask great questions of all the interviewers, and you'll leave a lasting impression on the team!

Talk About What Motivates You - Tips For Interview Questions

SevenFifty is an organization that prides itself on building a true community where team members can bring their authentic selves to work. They want to invite people into the company who are motivated by an inclusive environment. The best way to prepare for a community-fit session for interviews is to visit their website, understand their values, and be prepared to offer examples of ways you've applied those values in your current role or previous roles.

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SevenFifty is an end-to-end supply chain and communications platform connecting alcohol buyers, sellers, and distributors. In 2019, the company acquired two firms, Bridge and Beverage Media, to bring technology to this massive yet antiquated industry with the largest user base in wholesale alcohol and the most complete dataset of products in the U.S. It is a fully remote organization distributed across the United States. A first-of-its-kind communication platform and marketplace, SevenFifty helps tens of thousands of importers, producers, distributors, and retail buyers connect and do business in a modern world. Founded by industry professionals in 2012, SevenFifty now operates in 42 national markets. In 2017, SevenFifty launched SevenFifty Daily, an online magazine about the business and culture of the alcoholic beverage industry.

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