The 10 best paying jobs in business services

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Looking for a career in business services? The best paying jobs in business services offer well over $100k per year on average.

Professional and business services encompass a variety of activities that help a business function efficiently. Types of business services can run the gamut from basic essentials like waste management to cutting-edge DEIB consulting.

There are a variety of skills and interests that make for excellent fits with the highest paying jobs in business service, whether your focus lies within technology, management, science, art, or law. Today, we’re sharing the 10 best paying jobs in the business services industry.

What are business services?

Professional and business services make up the largest industry in the USA, representing 13% of all employment and 23 million people.

Business services describe business-to-business (B2B) work. These are any services performed by one organization for the benefit of another organization when the latter doesn’t have the capacity or expertise required.

And there is good news for job seekers. Some of the best business services careers have openings right now. The majority of the 1.6 million job openings in business and professional services remain unfilled. Plus, there are plenty of opportunities when looking to the future. Careers in business in the U.S. are expected to grow by 1.5 million jobs by 2031.

Below, we’ve rounded up a list of business services careers, and their salaries, to inspire your future. Every job listed here has a median pay of over $100,000 per year. Six-figure salary, here you come!

1. Computer and information systems manager

Median pay:$116,657, according to 2023 Glassdoor data

What do they do? A computer and information systems manager ensures that an organization has the right communication systems, data management, automation, and other digital technology essential to business success. This could include network security, email systems, HR systems, and more. As an example, a computer and information systems manager would be responsible for planning and implementing projects such as migration to a cloud computing system.

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2. Architectural and engineering manager

Median pay:$154,579, according to 2023 Glassdoor data

What do they do? An architectural and engineering manager is responsible for the research, development, planning, and execution of building projects. They create detailed plans to meet technical engineering requirements. This includes planning the equipment, staff, and training necessary; ensuring quality work standards; and calculating the structural soundness of a building. An architectural and engineering manager is also responsible for the budget of a project as well as managing the teams of other engineers and architects.

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3. Financial manager

Median pay:$185,634, according to 2023 Glassdoor data

What do they do? A financial manager is responsible for all the investment, planning, reporting, and strategy for a business’ long-term profitability. Because a business's financial assets are invested or stock of the company is publicly traded, financial managers need to understand and analyze market trends. They develop the best financial strategies for the company. Financial managers are involved in the raising of funds and the allocation of funds within the organization, too. Financial managers are also responsible for managing risk, compliance with financial regulations, and financial transparency.

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4. Natural science manager (Information Technology)

Median pay:$103,310, according to 2023 Glassdoor data

What do they do? Natural science managers oversee the team of scientists and researchers involved in the development of new products or scientific research. Their work is often used in geology, agriculture, biology, and medicine. Natural science managers not only supervise their science team, they are also responsible for the planning and execution of the research project as well as for communicating with other managers and executives about the work. Depending on the specific field you’re in, as with other occupations on this list, your expected salary can change. For example, we’ve included the salary above of a natural science manager within the IT field; someone in this role working in Insurance could expect a median salary of $120,776, whereas a natural science manager in manufacturing has a median salary of $101,661.

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5. Advertising and marketing manager

Median pay:$100,756, according to 2023 Glassdoor data

What do they do? Advertising and marketing managers are responsible for promoting and generating interest in a company’s products, services, or brand. They collaborate with internal stakeholders or clients to understand products, programs, and marketing needs and then develop strategies to achieve their goals. Advertising and marketing managers carry out market research to understand target audiences. They then work with designers and copywriters to create advertising content that works for this audience. They should be familiar with various media channels like digital platforms, TV, radio, and print media.

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6. Corporate lawyer

Median pay:$138,438, according to 2023 Glassdoor data

What do they do? Lawyers for a company or business help with all manner of legal matters. They are responsible for a variety of business tasks and transactions, such as establishing the company as a legal entity, leasing or buying property, acquisitions and mergers with other companies, or writing and reviewing all contracts for the business. They will also be responsible for risk and compliance with laws and regulations.

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7. Computer network architect

Median pay: $164,923, according to 2023 Glassdoor data

What do they do? A computer network architect is responsible for all the hardware and software necessary for a network that allows effective communication and data sharing within a company. They will install, configure, and maintain all the physical hardware such as hubs, repeaters, routers, and switches as well as software like firewalls, network management, and data storage. A computer network architect will have ongoing responsibilities to make sure the system is secure.

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8. Software developers

Median pay:$105,999, according to 2023 Glassdoor data

What do they do? Software developers design and build programs and applications for clients. Clients will specify their software needs to the developer who will then build, test, and deploy a program that meets those needs. The developer will design each part of a program, then coordinate how the pieces integrate. Planning the design means the developer will create flowcharts and other diagrams to direct programmers on how to write the code. The developer is also responsible for the testing and quality of the final product.

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9. Data scientist

Median pay: $152,261, according to 2023 Glassdoor data

What do they do? Data scientists help organizations make strategic, data-driven decisions. Companies may task data scientists with understanding their customer behavior, business processes, and sales. The data scientist will use a variety of methods to collect information before cleaning, coding, and preparing that data for analysis. Data scientists will also use statistical analysis software to detect patterns, trends, and other relationships based on the data. They will communicate this information to leaders using easily understandable visualizations and dashboards.

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10. Art director (Financial Services)

Median pay:$119,748, according to 2023 Glassdoor data

What do they do? An art director is responsible for all the visual aspects of a company, from its advertisements and website to its packaging. Art directors develop and oversee an overall creative direction for their team to execute. They work closely with clients, designers, and other artists to develop visual collateral that will have a maximum impact on the company’s target audience. This includes color palettes, logos, illustrations, photographs, fonts, and a variety of other branding tools. Art directors in certain fields will make more than art directors for others; for instance, our example here shows that art directors in financial services make well $100K, whereas art directors in healthcare have a median salary of $87,948.

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The best paying jobs in business services are waiting

With more available jobs than employees right now, there are plenty of interesting business services jobs out there right now. The highest paying jobs in business come from a variety of industries and educational backgrounds; it’s not just computer whizzes scoring the highest salaries. Artists, numbers crunchers, and good communicators are all needed in these top positions.

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