Hybrid Or Remote Job? At Pax8 You Decide!

Hybrid Or Remote Job? At Pax8 You Decide!

💎Would you prefer a hybrid or remote job? Pax8 lets you make the decision! Watch the video to the end to know more about the company and your options!

📼 For either a hybrid or a remote job, at Pax8 the work schedule is very flexible. Myles Pegues, Talent Acquisition Partner at Pax8, shares some tips and pointers that are going to help you be successful when interviewing with them for your next job.

📼 Hybrid or remote? Your job at Pax8 will adapt to your comfort level. The company is okay with either and they think they will get the best results from the person that's going to be comfortable with their work format. So, pick which one you prefer. Some people prefer to be remote five days a week and that is completely fine. Are they going to be comfortable with where they're at, what they're doing? Would they be comfortable coming in? If not, Pax8 doesn’t want to put you in a situation where you feel like you have to go to the office.

📼Whether it’s for a hybrid or remote job, interview processes at Pax8 are usually pretty brief. The company tries to keep it within two weeks. So they usually use a four-stage format that's going to be a phone screen, an interview with the manager, peer, or stakeholder, and then the VP interview portion. Now, that is customizable, but usually, Pax8 tries to be sensitive to what the candidate's experience is like.

Hybrid or remote job in Pax8? - Core Values Are The Same

Pax8 core values are to innovate, elevate, celebrate, and advocate. The company has an amazing culture and that's not by happenstance. It’s by recruiting great people and having moral values that create a great community for anybody who goes in and anybody who interacts with them. So just having that great moral compass is going to allow you to fit in with what the company does!

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Get to Know Myles Pegues

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More About Pax8

The company simplifies the way organizations buy, sell, and manage cloud solutions, empowering its partners to achieve more with cloud technology. At Pax8, they know that they are only as great as their people. They realize that every individual has unique personal and professional aspirations, which is why they strive to offer a complete and competitive Total Rewards offering for their members and family.

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