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Remote Work Round-Up – July 13, 2017

Remote Work Round-Up – July 13, 2017

Believe it or not (we vote for believe), remote work improves workflow. Forbes contributor Deep Patel lays out three reasons why remote work not only has the potential to promote a happier lifestyle, but also to foster a more productive employee. But you already knew that, right? Regardless, read on:

  1. Remote work accommodates the growing focus on work-life balance, giving employees the freedom to plan around their schedules so they can have a life outside of the office and save time for cool adventures.
  2. The results of a Global Workplace Analytics survey on working remotely showed that 95% of employers believed that remote employees led to increased retention. Content workers = company loyalty. Go figure.
  3. According to Stanford's Department of Economics study, employees that enrolled in a telecommuting program contributed to a 20-30% productivity increase. Simply stated, remote workers get sh** done.

As Patel points out, "by giving someone freedom to do what they want, they'll feel a greater sense of self-determination to accomplish goals." This means employees working from home are both happy and motivated to do their work. What more can a company ask for?

If your current company is unwilling to bend after being presented with the data above, or you can't wait to make your life more like gopro's instagram, check out the amazing list of remote jobs below, and apply today!

Apple Inc. – K-12 Systems Engineer

DuckDuckGo – Senior Designer

DuckDuckGo – Senior Frontend Engineer

GitLab – Executive Recruiter

GitLab – Federal Solutions Architect

GitLab – Junior Recruiter

JOOR, Inc. – Senior Software Engineer, Integrations

PowerToFly – Front End Developer

Zapier, Inc. – Customer Champion

Zapier, Inc. – Data Engineer/Analyst

Zapier, Inc. – Product Designer

Zapier, Inc. – Product Engineer

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