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Remote Work Round-Up - June 1, 2017

Remote Work Round-Up - June 1, 2017

This week in remote work news, Kate Buckholtz writes in Wired, If You Can't Retain Women, Don't Recruit Them. In the article, she shares:

"...the leak is not, in fact, at the entry point; the pipe is broken further down the line. Tech company recruiters are novice plumbers patting themselves on the back because they found the problem and patched it, except the real pipe burst is a few years down the line, when the women who were just hired leave.

If companies look at this from a business perspective, they are literally flushing resources down the toilet if the person they recruited, interviewed, hired, on-boarded, and employed for two years quits because the environment is (at best) not a fit or (at worst) blatantly sexist. That’s the real leaky pipe."

One way to retain and keep female employees engaged: allow them to work from wherever they work best. That may be the office, but it may also be from home, or at the foot of Mt. Rushmore, or from Mars. Allowing working women the trust and flexibility to work remotely, if they so choose, won't solve all the problems plaguing retention of women in tech, but it will certainly make a dent.

If you agree, try applying for one of the remote positions below with a company that cares about women today. For even more remote, hybrid of onsite opportunities, be sure to check out our Better Jobs page.

Gitlab - Senior Backend Developer, CI/CD Pipelines

Gitlab - Security Specialist

Gitlab - Production Engineer

Gitlab - Director of Security

Gitlab - Director of Infrastructure

Karat, Inc. - Operations Support Specialist, Evenings

Karat, Inc. - Operations Support Specialist, Weekend

Karat, Inc. - Expert Technical Interviewer

L3 Technologies – Supplier Quality Engineer (Bay Area Regional Field Supplier Engineer)

L3 Technologies – Supplier Quality Engineer (New York/New Jersey Regional Field Supplier Engineer)

Twilio – Solutions Architect

weeSpring - Design Freelancer

Zapier, Inc. – Data Engineer

Zapier, Inc. – Customer Storyteller

Zapier, Inc. – Growth Product Manager

Zapier, Inc. – Infrastructure Engineer

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