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Better Jobs With Companies That Care

November 8, 2017

Better Jobs With Companies That Care

With everything going on in the world today, it's normal to slip into a negative state of mind. How can we cheer ourselves up after a rough week? Socializing is one way to help ease the pain. According to Psychology Today, people with an active social life tend to live longer and have better mental and physical health than those who don't. With that in mind, attending one of our events may be the antidote for a case of the Monday (or Wednesday) blues. No events in your area? No problem. Attend our next webinar and interact virtually, that counts too.


Karat was founded on the premise that the interview process is the gateway to innovation. And who better to innovate in hiring engineers for tech companies than actual engineers? Karat also allows for loads of flexibility and remote opportunities, perfect, well, for anybody. On-the-job training, off-site retreats and a chance to really help talented people from all walks of life round out the reasons why Karat is a company that cares for sure.

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Addepar - Release Manager (Mountain View, CA)

American Express Company - Frontend Developer, Information Security (Phoenix, AZ)

Avant - Section Manager (Knoxville, TN)

Bloomberg LP - Senior Software Engineer, Build Workflow (New York, NY)

CenturyLink - General Manager (U.S.)

Dow Jones & Company - Application Developer (New York, NY)

DuckDuckGo - Senior Frontend Engineer (Remote)

HearstLab - DevOps (New York, NY)

Hearst Newspapers - Frontend Developer (New York, NY)

HomeAway - Senior Big Data Developer (Austin, TX)

Raytheon - Software Engineer, SAS (Waltham, MA)

Time Inc. - Senior Developer (SDEII), Brand Engineering (New York, NY)

The Upside Travel Company LLC - Senior Full Stack Engineer (Washington, DC)

United Technologies Corporation - Senior Mechanical Engineer (Vergennes, VT)

Viacom - Product Director, Nickelodeon (New York, NY)

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