Benefits That Help Fill Your Pay Gap On Equal Pay Day

30% Off All Webinars With Code EqualPayDay2018

Benefits That Help Fill Your Pay Gap On Equal Pay Day

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It's April 10th- and this is how far into the year women have to work to match their male counterparts' salaries of the previous year.

That's over 420 more hours of work for doing the same job.

Instead of making up the wage gap, you could be climbing Mount Everest twice, watching the full lineup at this year's Coachella Music Festival 6.5 times, and closing out your first trimester of pregnancy. We'll take Beyonce 6.5 times, thank you!

To match the average wage gap, (yes, the wage gap varies by ethnicity) we're offering 30% of all of our webinars for the next two weeks with the code:


Here are some of our favorites you should check out:

While studies show that we still have 169 years before the world reaches a true wage equality- this promotion wont last that long! Enjoy 30% off until April 20th 2017.

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